Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The usual

Today's been an exciting day, for reasons I will go into on Thursday probably (I'll have time to scan my pictures in, and I may actually have some time to blog then). Sorry to keep you in suspense, but it'll be worth it, I promise.

The Billy Joel concert Friday night was awesome. Totally worth $100 a ticket. Our seats were super sweet--they had the floor section, and then there were barricades around the side walls, and we were in the second row behind the barricades. Just enough to be able to see over the heads of all the people stuck on the floor--awesome! There were a few quirks in the show, though. The big man came out on stage, and his piano wasn't mic'd up, so he sort of danced around and mugged for the crowd until they got that fixed. Then, in the second song, the whole PA system went out for the second half of the song. He was really cool about it, and then he replayed the part that went dead. After that, no more sound snafus.

We did get to see a fight, though. The people on the floor level were standing (you sort of had to, since that level isn't stadium seating or anything). The first row of our section was raised only a stairstep or so off of the floor level, and it went up another stair step or so every row after that. This meant that people in the very first row had a rough time seeing over the heads of the floor people. Since the average age for the show was about 60, people generally stood up when Billy Joel first came out, and then they sat back down. Well, the floor people kept standing, and there was a group of people in their late 20s/early 30s in the first row next to our section that kept standing so they could see. They weren't doing anything else--just standing--but they kept getting heckled by a few old guys who wanted them to sit so they could see without standing. About four songs in, this old guy went over, grabbed the younger guy on the end of the group, and threw him into the seats. The young guy restrained himself and didn't fight back. Security came over--they escorted the group of younger people to (hopefully) better seats, and after questioning the old guy for a few songs, they kicked him out. My whole section was clapping and happy to see him go! Serves him right for being a bully, I think.

Anyway, for the one of you (my sister Amy) that wants to know the set list, I texted it into my phone as Billy Joel was playing so I would remember:
1. Angry Young Man
2. My Life
3. Everybody Loves You Now
4. The Entertainer
5. Vienna
6. Allentown
7. Zanzibar
8. New York State of Mind
9. Root Beer Rag (from Streetlife Serenade)
10. Movin' Out
11. Stand By Me/Innocent Man
12. Don't Ask Me Why
13. Always a Woman
14. Keeping the Faith
15. River of Dreams
16. Highway to Hell (a roadie came out and sang it--sounded just like AC/DC!)
17. We Didn't Start the Fire
18. Big Shot
19. Still Rock n Roll
20. You May Be Right
21. Only the Good Die Young
22. Scenes from an Italian Restaurant
23. Piano Man (like he could get away with not playing that one).

Overall, it was totally worth it. He is a great showman, interacting with the crowd between almost every song, and the music was fantastic. It was a little weird to go to a show with such a mellow crowd, but even the old people (with the exception of the 80 year old woman with a walker in front of us) was on their feet by the end of the night.

Not much else to report--my GI stuff is getting better, but then they put me on antibiotics for another issue, and I was sick all weekend from those (antibiotics and I don't get along). But, it's only a seven day course, so I'll survive.

Look for an exciting update on Thursday. And no, Thursday isn't exciting just because it's my birthday. 27 isn't exactly a milestone. As Tim says, once you hit 25 (when your car insurance goes down, and you can rent a car anywhere), the next big milestone is when you get your senior discount card (the Golden Buckeye Card in Ohio, which used to get you 25 cent coffee at McDonald's. Too bad I don't drink coffee). So, until that glorious day when the Golden Buckeye card shows up, I kind of like birthdays to be the same as most other days. Except maybe with cupcakes--you can't go wrong with cupcakes.

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