Thursday, April 26, 2007


Wow, it's been a busy week. I just sent off my final pre-submission paper revisions (along with doing a new multi-panel figure, ouch) to my old boss. Hopefully that'll get sent out for submission sometime soon. It's an ok paper. Another six months in that lab and it could've been an awesome paper. It has been nice remembering what working on a fruitful project feels like. It's been kicking my butt trying to get a hold of all of these people I haven't talked to in a year and a half (tracking down the former summer student was especially fun). Revisions and figures have been killing my time, plus I've got to keep up working on my current experiments or all hell would break loose. So, I've been busy.

On another front, thanks to everyone who commented, emailed, messaged me on Myspace, or called about the baby. It's been so encouraging and uplifting, really. Not that we weren't excited before, but we are super pumped knowing there are so many people out there who are rooting for us. Really, with the exception of Dr. B, everyone's been super positive. It's great.

As for my always-inspiring boss (ug, sarcasm that heavy could kill someone), Dr. B and I had our little Monday morning chat this week. He's worried that my timeline is too short for me to finish to go back to med school next summer. I totally disagree, and so does my committee.

Case in point:
-I have over a year.
-I only have to get one paper out. (This one I am doing with my old boss should count as one).
-I'm more than half done on that paper. Considering it took me a year to even get collectible data, that means it's taken me about six to eight months to get most of my work done.
-I've got the rest of my experiments planned out. If our cell culture incubator ever gets fixed, it shouldn't take me more than a few months to do the big stuff.
-That means I should be done with most experiments before I go on maternity leave.
-This isn't going to be a good paper no matter how long I work on it, so why not do it and get it out?

He gave me the typical "you need to be here every waking minute before you have the baby--evenings, weekends, etc while you still feel good." Two points: considering I already am here constantly, I don't quite know how to create more hours in the day; two, umm I'm not feeling good--remember how sick I've been?--but I've still been coming in.

He really isn't bothering me too much at this point. Like I said a few months ago, as time goes on, I just accept more and more that this is how he is, this is how the lab functions, and it doesn't reflect on me. I just need to keep doing my stuff. I've had this reiterated multiple times by other people in the lab, so I feel pretty confident in that statement.

Life is progressing otherwise. The lower GI stuff is letting up, I haven't had the upper GI bathroom rush since Friday night, and I'm slowly able to stay up past 7 PM. As the GI stuff leaves, monster headaches have started to take their place. I had one so bad last night that I went to lie down with a cold compress as soon as I got home. But, I feel a little better every day. That's good news--everyone keeps telling me the second trimester is so much better. If I get the energy rush that some of the other women in the lab got, getting my experiments done should be a breeze!

Just wanted to post a brief update. It's been a full week, so there's more to talk about, but it'll have to wait. Back to lab!

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