Tuesday, May 29, 2007


My, how time flies! I had intended to post last week, but life kept me busy. I finally ran the gels I had been procrastinating about last Monday, and then between seminars and the VA clinic and other lab stuff, the week just flew by.

We went up to Tim's parent's camp in Pennsylvania for the long weekend. It rained off and on most of Saturday and Sunday. Monday was beautiful, but we left at 10 AM, so we didn't get a lot of time to enjoy it.

I was at work yesterday afternoon--I found out my cells have fungus again, likely due to the incubator situation. I knew this week would be equally as busy as last week, so I was hoping to get an early start. Not so much with the infected cells.

I had a women in science lunch today with a really interesting female researcher. She's giving the department seminar this afternoon. Then I've got a 2.5 hour mentoring clinic with her tomorrow (not just me--a whole bunch of students). I'm pumped about that, but these long middle-of-the-day seminars just kill my experiment time. Then it's the VA clinic Thursday morning, and my ultrasound is Friday morning. Plus, there's a ton of lab maintenance stuff that needs to be done this week. That means this week will likely end up not being all that productive.

But, if lab is going to be unproductive, it's better that it is due to things out of my control than just me being a lazy bum.

Anyway, I'll try to catch up on life events tomorrow, sometime around the big seminar block in the middle of the day. Adios!

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