Thursday, May 10, 2007


Today has been a good day:

-I woke up this morning and almost felt like a normal human being. Even with very little sleep!

-My commute was only 45 minutes (versus the normal hour-ish). Traffic was sweet!

-I had the VA clinic this morning. I haven't had it in three weeks, since my preceptor was on service. I was nervous headed back there, as I usually am Thursday morning (what if I miss something huge? Oh wait, that's why I'm not on my own! You'd think I'd have learned that by now.) But it was a great clinic, I saw two good patients, and my preceptor took his difficult patients voluntarily. Always a plus.

-It's freaking gorgeous outside. About time!

-I fit into my regular dress clothes this morning. It was a concern. And I had only one baby-friendly dressy option, and I wasn't sure how that would work. But that can wait another week.

-The cafeteria had their pasta bowl stir-fry bar set up. I got whole wheat penne with chicken, tofu, spinach, red and green peppers, broccoli, and mushrooms. I asked for onions, not mushrooms, but actually, it was pretty good with the mushrooms. And they had raspberry iced tea. Another plus!

-It's already after 2 PM, and I only have about another hour and a half's worth of work to do in the lab.

-My boss made the rounds right after I got back from the VA, and he seemed busy. So maybe we've had our face time for the day.

-The baby is apparently still ok with the pasta bowl for lunch (unlike the pizza I had at the zoo on Sunday). Maybe the raspberry iced tea is keeping Bucky happy.

-It's almost the weekend! I do have to come in on Saturday, but only about a half day, so that's a plus. And I don't have to come in on Sunday.

-It's just generally a pretty, low key, overall good day. It's nice to have a solidly good day once in a while. I have a lot of partially good days mixed with something aggravating (usually lab) on a regular basis. It's not all storm clouds or anything. But to have a wall-to-wall good day--a total gift.

Here's hoping I didn't jinx the rest of the day. Tim's got finals tonight, and Jen won't be home till late, so it looks like little dog and I will take a walk, and then maybe it'll be Wii time. I played Marvel Alliance for a few hours last night. I didn't realize how much more work it was on the Wii until I stopped and noticed my hands were all cramped (ever see Chandler get "the claw" from playing too much Pac-Man on Friends? That was me). But the Wii relaxed me last night, and I'm looking forward to another night of that.

Maybe I'll even stop at the store and buy more ball-park all beef hot dogs (I have had SUCH a craving for those--especially on the grill!). I'll make my own mini-picnic for dinner.

I love days like this.

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  1. doctorsquared9:07 AM

    Happy Mother's Day! :) Hope you had a great day with the family!