Thursday, May 31, 2007

Just a quick one

Another crazy busy week=not much time for updating. But here's the condensed version.

-I woke up Tuesday morning, weighing the same as I had weighed three weeks earlier at my last visit and able to wear my normal clothes. I woke up Wednesday morning with a belly, up five pounds, and all of a sudden my pants didn't fit. What is that about? I know I'm at the halfway point now (nearly 20 weeks), but seriously, I expected this to be a little more gradual, you know?

-Along those lines, last night I went to Motherhood Maternity. I was looking for dress pants for my VA clinic this morning (and didn't find any I like that weren't a ton of money). I did, however, buy a dress. I have the first of three weddings in two weeks, and I figured I couldn't wear my maternity tank tops and shorts. Here's the dress (and PS, that's not me in the dress. I wish!):
It's cute, but it makes me look like a tent. But, they pretty much all made me look like a tent. I'm just hoping I can still get into it for the last wedding over Labor Day weekend. I'll be eight months pregnant. There's plenty of room for the belly in that dress, but if my boobs get much bigger, they'll need a dress of their own. Still, it's nice to finally fill out a B cup (no more boobs now, I promise).

-I got a med student dropped off on me for the summer. My boss came by yesterday for about 10 minutes and asked hypothetically if I'd be willing to work with another student on a project tangential to mine. I was hesitant after The Robert Experience, but I said I'd think about it. Today, there was the student, sitting at my bench, waiting for me when I got back from the VA. And my boss was nowhere to be found. Gotta love it.

-We have our anatomy ultrasound tomorrow morning. Theoretically, if the baby cooperates, we'll know the gender. We bought a baby name book last night (finally!). Let me tell you: they advertise that there are 60,000 names in the book--there are really about 100 names, and the rest are words from the dictionary (seriously, who names their kid Guitar?) and random letters thrown together. Anyway, I'll tell you the sex of the baby, if we know it, on Monday. I want to let family know first in a non-internet-related way.

-And even if we know the gender, we're not telling the name until the baby is born. We don't have anything picked out yet, but we don't want to listen to people bitch about a name for four months before the baby is born. Plus, I'm sure some of the names will get taken before then (although, we are officially only counting the name as "taken" if the baby is actually born before ours. No "name-saving" for people due after us will be counted. Especially since we just found out his cousin is having twins. That's two names potentially stolen! She already took one!)

-That's about it. Lots else going on, which I may get to tomorrow or this weekend, but that's the bulk of it.

-I can't believe May is over. What the crap!

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  1. Very cute dress! :) Aren't summer students a drag? I'm getting my third one in a few weeks. He's got to be better than my first one though - a pharmacy student who had never used a pipet before. That was interesting, let me tell you...