Wednesday, May 02, 2007

May Fool's?

Last night, Tim, Jen, and I left for Columbus about 4:45. It was an easy drive (note to self: need to keep AC cranked now so as not to get carsick), and we got to Columbus a little before 7. The arena was in a brand new section of the city. It was way nicer than when I came to interview for med school 5 years ago, although the med school is in a different part of town.

After oohing and aahing the new construction (My favorite: Tim saying, "This is the nicest alley I've ever seen!"), we decided to park. There was a surprisingly plentiful amount of parking. We saw a lot of mid-forties business-type people walking around the convention center next door, but no SPKs (Scary Punk Kids, as Jen calls them).

As we pulled into the lot, a helpful bicycle police officer came over to ask us which show we were seeing. We said, "My Chemical Romance." He said, "Sorry, that's been postponed until tomorrow at 7 PM. The band's sick." He asked us how long we drove, and when we said 2 hours, he tried to cheer us up by saying the car in front of us had driven 5 hours from Michigan.

Crappy thing was, we had checked the websites and everything before we left, and there was no mention of the concert being postponed. Of course, no Cleveland radio stations are going to talk about a Columbus show. So, we were hosed.

After debating whether to hang out in C-bus or head home, we elected to head home. There had been a line of thunderstorms headed towards us, so we thought trying to catch it in as much daylight as possible was safer than driving home mostly in the dark.

We hit those monster storms, of course, but Tim did a good job of negotiating them. Thank goodness he was driving--my night vision sucks, and when you add rain to it, I can't see the lines on the road or anything. I would've pulled off and waited for a while. Tim handled it and drove straight through.

We got home a little after 9. It gave me time to stop at the store and get a body pillow, which I've been meaning to do. After some discussion, we decided there was no way we could go back down to Columbus again today. Hopefully we'll get a refund--the company from whom I bought the tickets seems cooperative enough.

I did learn a few things yesterday though:

1. Columbus isn't that far. No farther than Pittsburgh. And yet I haven't been there in 5 years. It's pretty much like Cleveland, but bigger and with no lake, but we have no excuse for not visiting the friends we have down there more often (or at all).

2. I found my new favorite pair of shorts. Since my internal thermostat now runs about 10 degrees above normal people, I figured I'd be boiling at the concert. I tried out the pair of army green pseudo-maternity drawstring shorts I bought. Best $13 I ever spent. I am going to live in these things. I may even wear them after I'm pregnant--it's just a drawstring, not a huge elastic panel--because they rock so much.

3. The body pillow was definitely a good call. I only woke up 4 times last night. At the longest stretch, I was only awake about 30 minutes. Way better than when I net 3-4 hours of sleep the whole night. Now I just have to work on the humidity and the temperature, and I should be all set!

4. I'm old. Not really old, but I was actually a little relieved when the concert was postponed. Sure, it would've been fun, and we did drive all that way. But my first thought, "I'll actually get to bed before 1 in the morning!" That makes me old.

5. I've only had one craving so far, and it's not for food. It's for raspberry iced tea. I like the Lipton stuff out of the fountain dispenser, or the Arizona or Snapple teas in the containers. I was so pumped when they had the raspberry iced tea at the Burger King we stopped at, and I was so bummed when they didn't sell any at the gas station on the way home. I don't know if that's a weird craving, but it's a very specific one.

6. I remember why I don't take Tylenol. I've been getting these killer headaches (lack of sleep and a pissy boss will do that), and all I can take is Tylenol. And it does jack crap.

7. It's going to be beautiful the next solid week. No rain, 60s and 70s, and sunny. Time to start walking the park again!

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