Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I've been subscribing to "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." Actually, there's been a lot of good stuff going on, which I'll mention briefly, but my boss has been such a supreme pain in my behind lately that it's hard to focus on anything else.

I refuse to talk about him though. On to the happy stuff.

First, in a supreme bit of good luck, Jen and I stumbled on the last remaining Wii at Wal-Mart on Friday. I have been saving my play money for over a year to get one, but they've been impossible to come by. And being a hard core Nintendo nerd (I still have a Super Nintendo, N64, and Game Cube all hooked up and still used at my house), I had no interest in a PlayStation 3 or XBox 360 (not to mention they are more than twice as much as a Wii). Luckily, Jen saw a girl walking out with a Wii at Wal-Mart. Sure enough, when we got to electronics, there was only one left.

We set that up Friday night, and it's totally awesome. The Wii Sports games are a ton of fun. We also bought the Wii Play game (it come with another controller too, a definite plus), Prince of Persia (Tim's choice), and Marvel Alliance (my choice). There's a totally hilarious cow racing game on the Wii Play disc, and we each have our own favorite Wii Sport. I'm waiting to get the Zelda game for Wii until I beat it on Game Cube (another perk--you can play game cube games on the Wii! So now one of us can play upstairs while another one plays downstairs).

Saturday we had two of Tim's frat brothers over with their wives and young kids. We watched the NFL draft. It was a good first round for us Browns fans, and it was fun to get together. We called it the first unofficial Pi Lambda Phi play date. The little girls were really well behaved, and even though we couldn't convince Tim to change a diaper, I think he feels a little bit more comfortable around kids now.

Sunday I was so exhausted from cleaning the house and having people over that I pretty much slept all day (or tried to). I've been so tired recently because I haven't found a way to sleep through the night yet. I think I am going to buy a body pillow and give that a shot.

Last night my mom and I headed out to Kohl's to go shopping. I bought my first batch of maternity clothes, which was a little weird. First, I've only gained two pounds, so I don't need it yet (I'm only 16 weeks, so it's a little early to be showing anyway. And, I wear all my clothes two sizes too big to start with, so I've got room to grow). Second, everything is a bright color or a girly print, which if you know me, is not the way I roll. Third, it's expensive! Everything was 50% off, plus I had another 15% off coupon, but there's no clearance stuff for maternity. I'm used to $7 pants and $4 shirts. Not so much. I did find some early maternity stuff that looks pretty normal (drawstring pants mostly), so I might start wearing that soon. All of the maternity tops are definitely maternity-looking, but not horrible. I did try on a pair of pants with the huge elastic waistband that comes up under your boobs, but I decided I wasn't nearly ready for that yet :)

Today I'm leaving early (hooray!) and Tim, Jen, and I are driving down to Columbus to see My Chemical Romance. I'm sure I'll be the oldest one there--actually, second oldest, because Tim will be there :) It'll be a 180 from Billy Joel, but hey, you've got to try different things sometimes. I'm sure I'll sleep in the car the whole way home, but it should be a fun time.

The rest of the week is looking pretty calm. My boss is in town from now till eternity, unfortunately, but I'm just trying to not let him get to me. I can't believe I have another whole year of dealing with him. Here's hoping I don't lose it and blow a gasket one of these days.

But, happy thoughts. The weather's been gorgeous, the house is still relatively clean from the massive Saturday cleaning, and it's already May. Time sure is flying!


  1. The Wii surgery game is pretty freakin' awesome, too :). I highly recommend it, and it's hours of laughter, also (when they say things like "Now suction out the cytoplasm from the tumor, and then you can cut it out." Um, really? The cytoplasm??)

  2. i can't believe you've only gained 2 lbs! my sister in law is about the same as you (maybe she's 17 weeks) and she has gained, um, 20. i think she'll slow down though! and she still looks very cute in pictures!