Monday, May 07, 2007

Where is everybody?

Ok, my boss must be out of town. I haven't walked by his office to check yet (just in case he IS here--I don't want to talk to him any more than I have to). But it's nearly 11 AM, and I'm the only one in the lab. That's bizarre. I know Ming is out on vacation, but Sriram, Ossama, Kim, and Valerie should be in by now. Something must be up.

Either that, or everyone's playing hooky because it is freaking beautiful outside.

I actually had that thought too. We had a great day at the zoo yesterday (minus the little square of sunburn I got on my chest--didn't think about sunscreen. At least my face lotion is SPF 30). It's supposed to be sunny and warm all week. I'd love to be home, but I'm here instead. Oh well, that's what people with jobs do, I guess.

This weekend was tiring, but fun. We saw my dad's side of the family Saturday at a first communion for my cousin. I wore a maternity outfit--give the people what they want, I say--and that sent the aunts into baby mode. It's one of those shirts that had an empire waist and poofs out below that. Really, it could make a normal person look pregnant (and I am still wearing normal clothes), but I knew they'd want to see the baby pooch. And it made them happy. Although I think it's weird to have people touching my stomach--and I know that's only going to get worse!

Sunday was the zoo, which was fun. We went with Tim's friend from college, his wife and baby, and some of her relatives. It was the baby brigade. That would explain why it took us 5 hours to see the zoo when it usually takes about half that. Still, it was a good day to be out. And I love the zoo, so always a plus. We may go into Pennsylvania to visit them later this summer and see the Pittsburgh Zoo, which I haven't seen in ages. I remember that it had a really cool aquarium, so I'm pumped about that.

Otherwise, not too much going on. I'm trying to convince myself I don't have pyelonephritis. I really don't think I do--I haven't had a fever of over 100, and those only happen maybe once a week or so. The problem is that I have been having these deep,sharp pains on my left side and back, under my ribcage, fairly frequently. They seem to come and go, and nothing seems to bring them on or make them go away. After my last appointment came back positive for a UTI, I've been all nervous. They say women with a recurring UTI have a pretty good chance for pyelonephritis. But it's probably just some weird pregnancy pain I can't explain. I've got an appointment on Wednesday, so we'll see what she says.

Other than that, same thing, different day. I just saw my boss walk by, so there goes my theory. Maybe I'll have the pleasure of speaking with him soon.

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