Monday, June 18, 2007

Busy busy!

Starting on Wednesday of last week, things have been insanely busy around these parts. I've been finally able to start experiments again now that the cells seem to not be suffocating/dying from fungal infections. That's a plus. And, I'm still helping the summer student with his stuff. He seems competent, so I think soon he can be off on his own, but we're tag-teaming for a little while longer yet.

Non-work hours have been busy too. We've been running errands and checking out houses. This weekend was a total blur. We met with the bank from 9-10:30 Saturday morning for house stuff (pre-approval, nothing's happening yet), hit the grocery store, had just enough time to shower and head out to my friend's wedding west of Cleveland, come home and check out more house stuff, head back out west for the reception, and get home late Saturday night.

Sunday was another marathon: 8:30 mass, meeting another MSTP up in Cleveland to talk baby stuff till 12:30, grocery shopping for Tim's dad's dinner, prepping the food and heading over to his parents' house about 3 for dinner, finishing up to be back at our house by 6:15, heading to another house to check it out (with all the parents in tow) at 7 till 8:30, heading back home about 9, and then finally collapsing from sheer exhaustion.

Total whirlwind, really. I like being busy, but sometimes that can be a bit excessive. I think a lot of it is due to the house stuff. We've checked out a few, and tonight we're doing another look at the very first house we saw. It'll be the third time through it, and finally tonight all the parents will have seen it. We initially thought that the price was too much (both for our budget and for the layout of the house), but our realtor got word from the seller's realtor that they were pretty desperate and ready to bargain. We're doing the really nitpicky walk-through tonight, and then we are going to decide what we want to do. The house is only 7 years old and pristine looking, so I don't expect to find a lot wrong with it. Really, it all comes down to how much the sellers are willing to deal.

We're still not 100% about moving to this house (it's basically price dependent at this point), but we both agreed now's a good time to move in general. We're pretty set on staying here for residency, with fellowship being the likely time we're going to head out of Cleveland. It'll work out well--we'll have our kids while we have family around to help in emergencies, and then once they are a bit older (but not yet in school), we'll be ready to move for fellowship.

We know we can't be in our current house long term, especially not with kids, so we've got to move eventually. We won't be able to move up in terms of our budget until I'm a resident (and really, we're not looking to move up a price point). Since it's a buyer's market now, it's as good a time to get a next-step house at a bargain as it will ever be. And easier to move before we clutter up the house with baby stuff.

If we don't move now, it's not the end of the world. We've got another year or two before the baby really needs the space (and a yard too, preferably). But there are a lot of reasons now's a great time to go, so we figure why not? We're not going to stretch ourselves too thin with house payments. And the sooner I get to cut my commute in half, the better. The thought of having another whole hour (or more!) a day to spend with my family instead of driving in the car makes me really thrilled.

So, we're debating and making a plan. We're both really busy this week too, so even if we decided to pursue this house, it may be a few days before we can get the ball rolling. I'll keep you posted as best I can.

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