Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dammit! Not again!

We met with the realtor last night and put an offer on the house. We were pretty comfortable with our number, and like I mentioned before, we definitely have a max number than we can afford. So we went a little under our absolute max and put it in. Overall, I think we felt pretty good that they would come back with a reasonable counter offer and we'd go from there.

This morning, the realtor called me. I guess another agent had called the seller's agent to tell her there would be another couple putting an offer on the house. The seller's agent didn't have anything in hand yet, but our realtor said she'd tell us as soon as she knew something.

This house has been up since December 2006. And now, in two days, there are two offers?

This is deja vu. The same thing happened last year with the other house. Actually, that one was worse: we had already been negotiating for several days, countering back and forth, and then someone swooped in and offered full price.

We agreed we wouldn't get into a bidding war over a house ever again. Now we have to decide if we really meant what we said.

I know Tim already sort of blames me (Editor's note: Tim wants it known that he does not blame me). His first reaction was, "We should've put in an offer at 10:30 Monday night!" I asked him to give me less than 24 hours to think it over. Really, we still wouldn't have come to an agreement by this morning--it takes days to counter back and forth, and the seller can take another bid up until the contract is final. This other offer still would've come in during that window.

It's just so frustrating. I didn't let myself get emotionally involved in this new house until yesterday. Now, by letting myself do that, I'm all nervous and freaked again.

I keep telling myself that what is meant to be will be. But it doesn't make the waiting any easier.

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