Monday, June 04, 2007

Drumroll please...

Well, I haven't gotten a chance to scan in the ultrasound pics from Friday's appointment yet, so I'll probably post that tomorrow if I get the chance.

But, I promised I'd share the gender if we found out, and we did! So, if you don't want to know, don't look (although if you intend to keep reading the blog for the next few months, you'll find out eventually anyway).

Ladies and gentlemen, we are having:

A girl!

And it's a sure thing--there are female anatomical landmarks they can see now on ultrasound--we're past the "absence of a penis=girl" phase. So it's a pretty certain thing.

The ultrasound went well. It was a general anatomy, 20-week ultrasound. They spent a good deal of time checking for all the organs, the placenta location, etc to make sure everything was good. The monitor that lets me see what's going on was broken, so Tim could follow along with the tech, but I only got to see things when she turned the screen to show me.

I guess the baby was pretty active. The tech kept talking about how much she was moving around. She asked if I could feel the baby moving, and while I hadn't been sure before then, the pressure from pushing the wand into my stomach made me feel the baby move for sure. That was definitely exciting!

The tech found almost everything she needed on ultrasound, but our little gymnast wouldn't cooperate and let her see the left side of the heart and the left outflow tract, so we had to wait for the doctor to come in and find it. I guess the baby wouldn't roll over the right way, and when they tried to approach it from a different angle, she wouldn't move her arm. Figures. She's obstinant like Tim is, and she's not even born yet!

They dated us as 20 weeks 3 days, which is smack on with our original date done by LMP of October 16. My doctor pushed it back to October 21 after our 6 week ultrasound, but the last two ultrasounds have both been exactly on the 16th. My doctor said they won't switch the date again, but we should be prepared early just in case.

The baby's weight was estimated at 13 oz, which the doctor said is right at 50th percentile (50 percent are heavier, 50 percent are lighter). I thought that sounded like a lot, but she said it was just right. I asked if they could tell how long she was, but the doctor said with her movement and being all scrunched up, it was hard to estimate. She's definitely bigger than I expected, though. They had that wand all over my abdomen, and there was always a baby under it!

All of the anatomy was normal. They did eventually see all views of the heart, which looked good. All the internal organs were good, the spine and skull were formed, the brain was normal, and the cord and placenta were good. It was all around good news. The heart rate was 156, which is normal (especially for a girl--I guess their hearts usually beat a bit faster). We could even hear the heartbeat when they dopplered it.

Overall, it was very exciting and surreal to see our baby again. I wish I could've watched the whole thing--I would've loved to see her turning somersaults!--but knowing she is a "she" and that everything is going normally is definitely huge for me.

We are so pumped it's a girl. We never really said whether we preferred a boy or a girl. Really, we always said we'd be happy with either, especially if they were healthy. But, as soon as we knew it was a girl, we both looked at each other and smiled. That's what we had each wanted. We want a boy eventually, but a girl now is awesome. Plus, we have way more girl's names picked out.

We are telling family (and anyone who will listen) that it is a girl, but we are keeping the name secret until we deliver. Part of it is to have a surprise, part of it is so we don't have to hear people's opinions on our name for months, and part of it is that realistically we probably won't decide until she comes out. Some babies just look their name when they are born, and some don't. So, we'll have a few options ready.

Knowing the sex also persuaded us to finally go and register for baby stuff. My mom wants to have a shower for us maybe mid-August, so it's time to get on the ball. We went to Target on Saturday. I have to tell you, it was a lot more nerve-wracking than when we registered for our wedding. We had read a little bit about baby stuff, and we had a checklist, but we were mostly baffled. Like cribs: some are $500, some are $100. We registered for one that was about $150. We figured it was simple, supposed to be safe, and relatively inexpensive. Really, that was our motto for about everything. We'll likely buy most of the big stuff ourselves anyway, and heaven knows we're not spending $500 for a crib.

We'll likely change the registry a few times yet. Part of it is so I can check out what we signed up for (and make sure it's ok), and part of it is that we'll probably decide whether or not we need things. We know we need a crib, but do we need a changing table too (and will it fit in the room)? We initially registered for a crib and a bassinet, but talking to people, most people just use the bassinet feature of the play-yard they get. So we took the bassinet off. Stuff like that.

We went mostly neutral themed, with a safari/zoo pattern to the bedding and the stroller/car seat/ play-yard/high chair. We hadn't planned it--it was really the main neutral theme, and we're nature nerds, so it worked out. We did register for some girly clothes and blankets though. We didn't register for much clothes or toys-wise; everyone says you'll get that no matter what, so let people decide what they think is cute.

Really, this whole baby shower/registry thing is a little weird for me. It was weird for me when we got married too. I feel greedy telling people that they should buy me things, and oh by the way, buy me exactly what I want. When I'm shopping for showers or weddings, I always appreciate the registry (how do I know what dishes they'd like?). But when I do it, it feels weird. There were other people there registering the same time we were, and I heard one girl say "we're not buying it, so register for the most expensive thing there is." We didn't really approach it this way. There are a few big things, in case people want to go in as a group (although I really don't expect people to buy my $250 breast pump. That's the most expensive thing on the list). But most of it is smaller, less expensive stuff. I always appreciate options that either fit into the $30-$50 range or can easily be combined to do so.

Some stuff we were clueless about. I had no idea how many different types of bottles and pacifiers there were. I was totally overwhelmed. And we didn't even register for diapers, although everyone told us to. What brand? And what if she grows too fast and doesn't use them? Or what if she's sensitive and needs a certain kind? Totally clueless.

Registering was probably the one experience that has made me feel totally incompetent as a future parent. I was prepared to take care of the eating/sleeping/pooping stuff, but all the options and extras made my head spin. Does picking the cheaper (although not the cheapest) car seat/stroller/crib/etc mean I don't want the best for my baby? Or does it make me realistic? So bizarre how simply spending two hours in Target totally made me question my ability as a mother.

Anyway, that's the news! It was a busy weekend, so I didn't get to scanning the ultrasound pics yet, but I will. Tim and I were busy being good Cleveland sports fans. We got really good seats to Friday night's Indians game from a friend of mine (it turned out to be an awesome game! And we only spent $10 the whole night--two pops and two hot dogs. Free tickets, and we parked for free--although 15 blocks away). Saturday night was the Cavs game. Two great games. Actually, counting the Cavs game Thursday night, it was three great games in three nights. Unfortunately, they all got me to bed well after midnight, which was tough. But totally worth it.

I've got my next doctor's appointment Wednesday, so hopefully all will be well. I am a bit worried about my weight gain--I was doing well until the sudden 5 pound gain last week that hasn't gone away. We'll see how I weigh on their scale and if she wants me to change anything. I'm up about 12 pounds by my home scale since I got pregnant, which is a bit more than I was shooting for at 20 weeks. They say you gain a pound a week from here on out, which would put me at 32 total. Since I started out overweight, I was shooting for 20-25. My doctor's never been concerned, but given my past history of weight issues, I'd like to keep the gain as small as possible without putting the baby in danger. So we'll see what she says.

And I have to ask her about counting months. I keep track of weeks, but people always ask "How many months are you?" I had been counting back from my due date. I figured Oct. 21 minus May 21 equals five months left, so I am four months pregnant. But the tech was talking as if you just divide the weeks by 4, which maked me 5 months pregnant. I guess this makes sense--that way, you are nine months pregnant the month before you deliver, not nine months on your due date. But, it messed me up a bit. I feel like I've lost a month!

So many random questions. But, I guess she's probably heard them all before. We'll see what she says.

Pictures tomorrow, hopefully. I don't think they are as good as the last set, but I'll post them anyway.

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