Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Ok, I will warn you--I don't think these pictures are as good as the last set, but hey, we take what we can get :) I omitted the picture that proves she is a girl--something about putting her girl parts online weirds me out a little (not like I'm not showing everything else, but oh well). So, here they are: That's her from the side. You can see her head and her hand up by her mouth.

These next two are cute in theory, but a little creepy to look at. She's looking straight at the wand, so you can see the bone structure of her face. There are her two eyes, her nose, and her jaw. You can see her left hand again (that hand was everywhere!) and the top of her abdomen.

Another face picture (they were kind enough to label it this time). Again, sort of creepy in the picture, but I just imagine it with the eyes and nose and everything in place, and then it's cute.

This last one actually has her sucking her thumb. The tech said she was doing that quite a bit. Again, it's a side shot. You can see her outline, her ears, her spine, etc.

I had my doctor's appointment this morning. I asked her about the weight stuff. She said 12 pounds in 20 weeks is hard to guess about. She looks more long term, and since she's only seen me over the last 8 weeks, it's hard to get a number. She said just to do the basics--watch what I eat, exercise, etc--and as long as the next appointment looks ok, we're fine. I guess early weight gain is harder to gauge.

I also asked her about all the birth stuff. She suggested a hypnobirthing class through the hospital. She said it's good skills to have in general. I guess the teacher is very natural birth oriented, but my doctor said there's no reason I can't learn hypnobirthing but use medication if I want it. She said 80% of her patients use some sort of medication. She's actually very supportive of natural childbirth, but the clientele at the hospital isn't really oriented that way. So, basically she said there's no reason for me personally to have to choose all or nothing. That's good to know.

My quad screen test from last time was super good (very very low risk of birth defects--she said basically the lowest risk the test shows). That's good. The heartbeat was good, the movements are normal, so everything is moving right along. I think next time, or the time after, will be the gestational diabetes screen. Other than that, same old thing.

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