Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Since I'm too distracted to accomplish anything today...

Let's see:
-over five months pregnant: check
-thesis committee meeting at the end of July (which still needs lots of work done): check
-putting an offer on a house tonight: check
-needing to totally fix up our house to get it ready to sell: check
-doing all of this at the same time: check

Anything else I could do to add some stress to my life?

Actually, I'm not feeling all that freaked. The pregnancy is going fine, my thesis committee meetings always suck (and I'm sure this one will be less fun than usual), the house we're trying to buy needs no work, and we've had family offer to help us paint and redo the stuff in our house that needs done before we sell.

I'll have no free time for the next few months, but really, it's all doable. I actually work better under pressure, so maybe this'll actually help me get more done in lab.

Well, except for today. Tim's down in Virginia for a work meeting and won't be back till after dinner tonight, so I'm in charge of getting everything set up for the realtor, making sure we have all the facts and figures straight, etc. I had some stuff I wanted to do in lab, but it's not going to happen today. I've got time to do it tomorrow. That'll have to work.

To fill you in since last night: we had the siding guy come. 8 grand for siding, 3500 for the roof. Ouch. If we were staying in the house, we'd do the roof, but the siding would have to wait. It's this sort of dingy yellow siding with black shutters. We're going to paint the shutters white before we sell, and we might try to clean the siding (although pressure washing it may take the paint right off the aluminum, which would be worse). But we're not going to put that much money into the house if we're leaving.

As soon as the siding guy left, we jetted over to go through the new house again. I was totally exhausted, so I pretty much took a quick tour through the house and then sat on the steps while Tim and his dad did their inspection.

Our parents left the house a little after nine, and we stayed for a bit to talk to the realtor. We got home about 9:30 or so. Tim called his parents to get their impression, and I called mine. Everyone like the house (hard not to--it's only 7 years old and pristine). We like it at a lower price. Tim was ready to call the realtor and put in an offer at 10:30 last night. I needed some time to process things. I didn't have any reservations about the house, but I refuse to let myself get emotionally attached to houses until we're really ready to get serious about them. I needed last night and today to picture myself in the house and make sure I saw a good fit.

I'm still doing that now. The house is really a blank slate--all white walls with neutral floors and fixtures. I'm trying to picture it with some paint and some furniture. I can see us there, for sure, and I'm just trying to get a visual as to how we'd live there day to day. I can say I'm pumped that the commute would be cut in half.

It was also nice to get a vibe for the neighborhood. We saw tons of young families out walking with strollers, kids, and dogs in tow. It seems like a better fit for us than our current place.

I told the realtor this morning that Tim will call when he knows when he'll land back in Cleveland (they took his boss's little private prop plane, so he doesn't have a set flight time or anything). If we can meet before 7, the realtor can help us draw up an offer. I have plans with a bunch of my high school friends tonight, one of whom is coming in from Pittsburgh. I hate delaying the get-together, and I don't want to cancel all together, but as Tim put it, we are trying to make the biggest purchase of our lives here. If we can't get together by seven, the realtor can't do it before her meeting at 8, so we'll have to wait till tomorrow probably. That's good for my social life, but I'd like to get this ball rolling sooner rather than later.

That's it. There's no guarantee this'll work out--we tried three different offers over six months on that house last year, and it didn't end up working out. We're at the very peak of our price range with this house. That makes things a little easier. We've got a "drop-dead" max number. If we can't negotiate under that number, we have to walk away. Easy as that. Not that we won't be disappointed, but it does make the process a little more straightforward.

So, my guess is that it'll be an exciting few days. If we get the house, then I'll put pictures up. I feel a little weird doing that while it's still someone else's house.

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