Friday, June 22, 2007

We got it!

We got a call from the realtor about 10:15 last night. She had a counter offer from the sellers. It was within our max range (actually at our max). We would've loved to get it for 5 grand under their counter, but we also knew that extending the negotiating phase any longer opened us up to being outbid by the other bidders. We didn't know what they bid--just that it was a verbal offer, not yet in writing--and we didn't want to give the other people a chance to write a formal offer.

So, after debating things for about two minutes, we decided to take the counter offer. We got the house!

I'm actually home today getting our house organized a little bit. It'll be a several week process to get our house on the market--we have to move a bunch of stuff out so we can paint, and there are a few other projects that need to be done. If you know of anyone looking for a nice starter house outside of Cleveland, let me know!

I have some pictures of the house I took at the first walk through. I'll try to get those up later today. For now, it's back to organizing! Goodwill is about to get a whole lotta stuff from us, that's for sure.

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