Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Well, I think I officially overdid it.

That's what I get for being overzealous. I definitely pushed my body too hard. I stayed home Friday to pack up some plastic totes and boxes. I figured, "Hey, they don't look too heavy." And I figured a foot locker full of clothes was movable too. So, of course, by the time Tim got home on Friday, I had completely pulled my back out of whack. I could barely move.

I took things a little lighter Saturday--I did more cleaning type stuff and packing sitting on the floor. I let Tim move everything. I was still pretty sore, but I could tell my back was getting better. No stress.

On Sunday, we worked outside. I carried around a big planter full of rocks, pieces of wood railroad ties, and one foot to two foot diameter rocks to build up a planter wall. That tweaked my back again, of course. What can I say, I'm a slow learner!

Starting on Sunday, I noticed that my throat was really sore, and I was having trouble talking and swallowing. I don't really get allergies much, but I figured that was probably what this was. I had been digging around outside and planting pollen-y flowers all day. I didn't worry about the throat stuff.

Monday the throat stuff was worse, and I also developed a hacking cough. I couldn't lie down at night without coughing. I barely slept Monday night, and by Tuesday, I had a full blown chest cold. Who gets colds when it's 90 degrees outside in June? Me, apparently. Last night I didn't even get two hours of sleep. Poor Tim--between the hacking coughs and the wheezing between breathes, he had to get up and sleep on the couch overnight.

This morning I've still got the hacking cough, but I'm having a hard time catching my breath. My chest hurts, and the muscles along the top of my rib cage are really sore. I'm blowing my nose so much that I'm starting to resemble Rudolph.

I had come in today with high hopes of running a bunch of gels and getting caught up. We have a farewell lab lunch for Valerie and Sriram today at 12:30, so I had planned to have everything up and running before we left. I think what will happen instead is that I'll leave right after lunch and head home. If this doesn't clear up, I'll call my doctor tomorrow morning and see what she thinks. I do have an albuterol inhaler at home for my exercise-induced asthma (that I never use), so I may toss that in my purse just in case.

I know I got this cold because I'm stressing myself. At least it's a productive, busy stress. It's worse when I do this to myself just because I'm worrying. My immune system is always a little bit touchy. I know being pregnant has just amplified that. I need to get some rest and take it easy today, despite wanting to rush home and keep working on the house. I may head home and try to nap, and then I can do everything else later. I also need to work on getting to bed before 11 PM. It hasn't mattered much the last few days, when I don't fall asleep until after 2 or 3 AM anyway, but I need to at least try.

It seems the baby doesn't seem to mind all the activity. She's been an active little thing the past few days. The light flutters now alternate with the more occasional karate kicks. It's cute (for now), and it lets me know she's there. I'd be more worried if she got quiet all of a sudden.

And we do have a name picked out. We use it all the time at home, and it's really hard not to blab. I know I'm going to slip before she's born. Both Tim and I have almost slipped in front of our parents. We want to wait at least a little while longer before we tell people (I've still got 16 weeks of pregnancy left!). But I think it'll come out sooner rather than later.

That's all for now. I'm a little mad at myself for pushing my lab stuff to the back burner, but really, that is where my priorities are right now. It'll all be ready by the end of July for my committee meeting, but I know Dr. B wanted to see it next week. He's not very understanding about illness, pregnancy, moving, or outside-the-lab issues in general. I'm sure he won't love when I ask for more time. But, what's two days in the big scheme of things? I am still getting work done in lab, but I don't have the nights and weekends to devote to it at the moment. I know Dr. B doesn't get that, but he just needs to cope for the next week or so.

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