Monday, July 02, 2007


The bronchitis I caught from overstressing myself seems to be clearing up, which is a blessing. I've got way too much to do to hang around being sick. Here's the brief update:

-We had the new house inspection last week. There were a few minor issues and one semi-big one. The big one was that when you ran water and then drained the garden tub in the master bath, the water backed up into the kitchen sink. It actually overflowed the day of the home inspection--over the counters, onto the floor, the whole bit.

-The sellers agreed to fix the tub plumbing. Their plumber was supposed to fix it Friday morning. Tim and I show up, and the plumber had already come and gone. He was there for about 15 minutes, didn't see the problem, and broke the drain in the process. Oh, and charged the realtor $135 for it. He was going to come back today or tomorrow to fix it.

-Tim and I are peeved that we took time off work and got screwed by the plumber. So we decided to have a plumber his dad knows come by on Saturday and take a look.

-Saturday was non-stop: vet appointment at 7:30 AM, a few hours to tidy up, bank meeting to sign the loan from 12-2, realtors over to check out our current house from 2-3:30, meeting the plumber over the new house from 3:30-5ish, and then back home to pack and move boxes. Crazy day.

-Our plumber figures out the issue. Long story short, the tub (which the real estate agent said they never used) ties into the sink waste line. The sink line is gummed up from crap going down the garbage disposal. It's so solidified that we need to change out pipe.

-Sunday: another marathon. 8:30 mass, over to the new house at 11, plumber and Tim work on pipe stuff (the grossest smelling project ever, I swear. I took pictures, but trust me, you don't want to see them). I run errands and pick up lunch. We pack up from the new house at 3:30 with fully draining plumbing lines. Woo Hoo! Then it's back home, talk to sister in California for two hours, talk to parental units, head up to lab at 7, finish an experiment, and get home a little after 10.

-It's just been a crazy time. Today's insane too. The bank has called several times to work out details. We're trying to move up the closing date on the new house to July 13th (Friday the 13th, how creepy). It's going to be a stretch, but it'll help us empty out our current house and get it on the market sooner. We may have to push closing back till the following week, but we're doing our best.

-On top of all of this, I'm trying to get experiments done. Dr. B wants to see my methods and results section with write-ups and figures done. He wanted it today, but that's not going to happen. Our film developer broke and was only fixed today, so I have to get these gels analyzed before I can finish writing that stuff. Stupid thing is, I'm going to start another set of experiments soon, and those will affect all the stuff I've already done. I'll have to re-write everything before my committee meeting at the end of the month, and he knows that, but he wants it written anyway. Whatever.

-We still have some packing and a lot of painting to do on our current house, but things should be (mostly) done in a week or so. There's a bathroom project and some minor electrical to do, and we'll need help for those, but everything else is doable on our own right now.

-That's about it. Tim and I both have been insanely busy, but we're trying to be better about not overworking ourselves or staying up too late. We know this is more of a marathon than a sprint.

-Oh, and we're past the 24 week mark in the pregnancy, which means that (heaven forbid) the baby could survive if she was born now. It's not ideal, not by a long shot, and I've had no indications that there's any reason I'd be at risk for preterm labor, but it's nice to know we're into the time of extrauterine viability!

-And I promised a pregnancy picture to a few people. I promise I will post it soon. I took a few about a month ago, but now I figure I'm due for a new one. I'm having a hard time with the body image stuff (gaining weight on purpose is not easy, especially not when you're averaging about a pound a week), but Tim tells me to suck it up and let people take pictures. So, sometime soon, I'll do that.

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