Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hungry hungry hippo

Ok, can I just tell you that I have been a bottomless pit the last two days? Today was the worst--I had some egg whites and a whole grain mini-bagel for breakfast (pretty standard for me), and not a half hour later, I was starving! The eggs and bagel usually tide me over until lunchtime or later, sometimes two o'clock! I thought maybe my body hadn't registered that I had eaten, but I kept getting hungrier and hungrier. I had a granola bar mid-morning, a sandwich for lunch, and then a yogurt later on. And here I sit, about 4 PM, feeling ravenous! I'm eating every few hours, eating lots of protein and high fiber, and eating amounts that have kept me full up until this point. What gives?

I usually eat a bigger dinner and maybe even some cereal before I go to bed, so I've still got food on the horizon for the day. But why the sudden appetite surge? She's still got a few weeks to go--I hope this doesn't last the rest of the time!!

I'll fill up my huge water bottle for the way home and have some more granola in the car to tide me over, but dang. I know I'm getting plenty of calories!

As a side note, can I just tell you that I found a new love? Yoplait light fat free banana cream pie yogurt. The best stuff I've ever had. I hate chunks in my yogurt, so I am limited in my flavor selection, but this is by far the best creamy yogurt ever. I could eat it every day (and I nearly do!). Key lime, regular banana, lemon, and the orange creamsicle ones aren't bad either, but nothing is as heavenly as banana cream pie.

Random, I know. Just thought I'd share my find. But don't go buying it all up so there's none for me!

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  1. i think i would be hungry about 30 minutes after eating egg whites and a mini bagel -- or actually immediately -- and i'm not even pregnant :) (i hope!). i am so excited that you are getting CLOSER and closer! i can't wait for the day i open this blog and see a gorgeous baby picture!