Monday, August 27, 2007

I knew things were going too well...

Things have been clipping along in lab the last few weeks. It's been promising, especially since I want to have as much done as I can before I go on maternity leave. It actually looked like I'd be super productive over the next 8 weeks.

Yeah, well, the best laid plans...

So Friday I had cells set up for an experiment. They weren't ready on Friday, which meant they were growing slower than usual, and they looked a little sickly. I figured I'd come in this weekend and take care of them.

Well, Saturday didn't happen, but I wasn't worried, because I wasn't really sure they'd be ready enough by Saturday anyway. I came in Sunday to check them, and I could tell as soon as I opened the incubator: they were all dead. Twenty plates, all full of dead cells.

I looked at them under the microscope. They didn't look like how they do when they are infected with bacteria, and the media didn't have the hyphae and clusters like when they have fungus. It was a whole new type of contamination. Ossama had similar contamination about two weeks ago, but he threw out all of his contaminated cells, and mine had been growing fine while his were contaminated (of course, if he had told me that they were contaminated at the time, I would've put my cells in a different incubator).

So now, I've got to clean the incubator again and thaw new cells. Hopefully it only sets me back a week, but I had planned to assembly-line three big IP experiments this week. Not so much anymore.

I haven't seen Dr. B yet today, but I know he's in. And now I have to tell him, "Remember all those experiments I was going to do? Yeah, about that..." I mean, not a lot I can do to change things, but I'm sure he'll be unhappy anyway.

That's my current frustration. Plus, I'm cranky anyway from lack of sleep due to leg cramps/horrible heartburn/shortness of breath/Braxton Hicks contractions. I really jinxed myself--I was just telling my parents Friday night about how lucky I've been to have not experienced any real third trimester issues other than general insomnia. And that night, I was up all night with all of the symptoms I had just told them about. And they've been non-stop all weekend. So it's made me a little stressed.

Had a good weekend overall though. I'll post later today hopefully about the childbirth class, and I've got the pregnancy picture loaded on the home computer, so I promise I'll put that up too. I just needed to lab vent for a minute.

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