Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Just another day

Not too much exciting going on. Stressful, yes; exciting, no. There was a little bit of drama over the paper I am writing with my old lab, but thankfully, it looks like that is figured out. The current lab is weird as usual. I'm trying to be as productive as possible in my last two months before maternity leave. I can't say that staying motivated has been easy, but I am doing my best.

Pregnancy is going ok. I've developed wicked bad insomnia to the point where I don't sleep at all some nights, but my doctor said this isn't all that uncommon. The heat hasn't helped my hand and leg swelling either, but that comes with the territory, I guess.

My check-up this morning was fine. My doctor seems to think that the baby is head down already. That doesn't mean much--she likes to see head down by 36 weeks (I'm 32), but just because she's already down doesn't necessarily mean she'll come early.

So, that's pretty much it. We've got express prepared childbirth class this Saturday (they usually do 5-10 sessions--we're doing it in one.) I don't know how much the class will help, but we felt like we should do something. Tim's also taking a new dad bootcamp class, and I'm taking a breastfeeding class. We're just really into learning, I guess :)

I feel like time is flying, but it's moving slow at the same time. It feels like I haven't been pregnant for all that long. And yet, eight weeks till the due date seems like forever. I guess we'll just keep hanging in there.

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