Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Nothing special

Just a little update to not leave a downer post up forever. I had my checkup this morning--my blood glucose was a little bit higher than ideal with a finger stick/glucometer this morning, but still within normal. And my weight was fine--2 lbs since the last visit 4 weeks ago, 21 pounds total. So, the doctor isn't worried. She said just to watch the sweets, but everything else is fine. I've got my next appointment in two weeks instead of 4 because we're nearing the home stretch--how crazy is that!!! I can't believe I'm less than 10 weeks away.

My clothes from Old Navy came yesterday too. Bad news: the skirt I ordered was out of stock, so I'll have to look for one at JC Penney or something. Good news: because I ordered everything a size bigger, I am sure this stuff will last me till the end of the pregnancy. And I have undergarments that are actually a little loose! Hooray!

Lab is ok. It's just me and Ming right now, and Dr. B is bored, so he pesters us constantly. The good news is that I had an experiment show some promising results. I'm repeating it today and Friday, but it could really help speed things up. Or not. We'll see. But I'm hanging in there.

And another good thing: since I had to wait for the dishwasher repair guy yesterday (good news: it's fixed), I missed the torrential downpours that flooded pretty much all of Cleveland. It was pitch black outside about 9:30 AM. The easement next door filled up like a lake (which explains why it's there), but we had no flooding at the house. A bunch of the highways and roads around town were shut down due to flash floods, and although they weren't all reopened by the time I left around lunchtime, enough were that I made it in. But if I had been driving in around the normal time, it would've been miserable. They had to rescue a whole bunch of people from their cars when the water swept them away. Glad I missed that.

So that's where things are at. Tim's traveling for work again the next few days, so I'm home by myself. A little creepy. I'm trying to keep busy--Jen came up and hung out last night, I have some errands to run tonight--but it's hard not having Tim home at night. And the dog is still unfamiliar enough with the house that he barks at nothing. I can't really rely on him too much--it's like the dog version of the boy who cried wolf. He thinks the cats are intruders--not helpful.

The weather's been really hot and humid, but most of the time I'm in the A/C. It was broken at work on Monday. I was miserable--my ankles swelled up huge, I was sweating constantly, and I felt dizzy most of the day. It's still not functioning at 100%, but at least it's better. Ah, the things I do for science. At least the home A/C works well.

So basically, same old, same old. I'm really tired today, but I've got a few more time points to take yet, so I'll just have to try and stay awake. Now is when I miss my Diet Coke/Pepsi. I could sure use the caffeine. Hmm, I wonder if I can have it again once the baby's born, or if that's a no-no for breastfeeding too. I'll have to check it out.

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