Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Time is flying!

Time sure is flying. Since the last post, Tim got home from DC ok. The airline couldn't get him a flight out until later in the day Friday (he got to the airport at about 1 PM Thursday, to give you a reference). So, it was either get a hotel room and hope for a flight Friday, or drive home. He and his co-worker elected to drive, so they got home about 2:30 AM Friday morning. They drove through lots of rain, and Tim got a speeding ticket (just as they traded off drivers once they crossed into Ohio), but otherwise it was a much better option that waiting around all day at the airport again.

So he's home now, which is a plus, and I can only hope there won't be much more traveling before the baby comes.

Speaking of which, today we are at 31 weeks gestation. Since a pregnancy is usually about 40 weeks, that means we've got about 9 weeks left. 9. That's a single digit number. It's always been double-digit. 9 weeks? Can that really be right? We'd better start planning for this, I guess!

It's not that we haven't been planning. Um, or maybe it is. We've been excited--just not preparing necessarily (unless you call buying a new house preparing. But her room isn't ready yet.)

We've got a few hand me downs, thank god, from family and a girl at work. So the baby will be clothed, have a changing pad (but no dresser on which to put the pad, and no diapers with which to change), and have a swing and a vaporizer (given to us by our new neighbors). But, no crib, or diapers, or other important items.

We're sort of waiting to see what we get at the shower. It's a little last minute--my mom and his mom were going to throw two separate ones, and then each one individually either couldn't find a place to rent that they liked or couldn't get the place they wanted on a day that worked. So, they decided to re-combine the showers and have it at my mom's house. This meant, #1, we are inviting many fewer people than we had at my wedding shower (mostly family), and #2, we had to push the date way back. So, it's Sept. 22. Which is fine. Except that I'll be almost 36 weeks pregnant. So here's hoping the baby decides not to come too early.

Really, I'm happy it worked out that way. It's a smaller group at an easier place. I feel bad inviting everyone I've ever met and asking for gifts. Like I said, I never mind going to showers, I just feel a little bad when it's for me. So, keeping it mostly family makes it more comfortable.

And both of our parents are going to come up the next day and help us set up the nursery. So we're really waiting until after the shower to panic about what we need for the baby. Waiting till then doesn't give us a lot of time to pick up what we didn't get, but we know we'll have the essentials before the baby comes. All we need is a place for her to sleep, diapers and other necessities, and I'm the food supply, so we should be good.

It's really amazing to think about how fast the time has gone. The first trimester went so slowly. I was so sick, and we wanted to get past the biggest miscarriage window to know things were ok. Once we started the second trimester, things have flown! And now we're almost done. We signed up for a few classes at the hospital, so hopefully we'll hear back soon that we got into them. Maybe that will make us feel more prepared.

I can't wait till she's here. Sunday night she was rolling around, and we definitely either felt her head or her butt--it was a firm, round ball distinct from the rest of the uterus, that's for sure. It's getting tougher to sleep and get around, but it's all worth it.

That's the most exciting stuff for us. Lab is lab--my department and thesis committee have been super helpful with leave stuff--almost protective, I would say. They've made it a point to tell me over and over again not to stress myself. My boss doesn't have the same mentality, but I'm dealing with him. I'd rather not be in the lab until 10:15 on Sunday evenings like I was this weekend, but I want to get as much done as I can. Things are actually moving well for the moment, so I'll take it while I can get it.

We had a little nibble at the open house on Sunday. A girl about our age came through with her parents and really liked it. She wants to come back through when her boyfriend is in town so he can see it too. It's far from a sure thing--hence a nibble--but it's something. It's only been two weeks, so that give us some hope. Things would be a little tricky if they bought since they want to use an FHA loan, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

That's all for now. Back to gels and blots!

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