Friday, August 24, 2007

This day will drag, I know it.

So here I am, in lab. My cells won't be ready till tomorrow, which means I need to come into lab (which is on the east side of town) after our seven hour childbirth class tomorrow (which is on the far west side of town). Such is life, really. But what that means is that the experiment I had set up for today can't happen. Which means I'm just waiting around. Which is booorrring.

Initially, my boss had told us he wouldn't be in today, because he was driving to Cincinnati to catch a flight. That would've worked out well--I could have come in, checked my cells, done some upkeep-type stuff, and gone home. It's going to be 92 degrees and humid today, and the A/C at work is sketchy at best. It would've been much better.

But, my boss decided not to go on his trip. So of course, as I came in this morning, there he was. Poop. So much for that plan. Of course, the other people in the lab had similar plans to mine, hence why they showed up at 10:30-11 and had the same sort of reaction I had.

That's life in lab though, really. Sometimes, it's insanely busy. And sometimes it's just dead. But as long as the boss is here, you've got to do the face time.

In other news, I finally took a new pregnancy picture last night. I took one in June I had planned to post, then one in July that I didn't really like, but since those were a while ago, I figured I'd better take a new one. Tim's been bugging me to do it for a while, and I've had four different people mention it in the last week, so I figured I'd better bite the bullet. I left the memory card at home, so I'll have to post it this weekend. Don't laugh, ok?

Back to killing time. There are a few papers I've been meaning to read, but I'm sort of distracted, so that hasn't been very successful yet. But I'll keep trying.

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