Thursday, August 09, 2007

Waiting out the storm

Actually, for once, that title isn't a metaphor for something. I really am here at work, waiting on a huge thunderstorm system to pass. Based on the flooding I saw on Tuesday, I decided I didn't want to be out driving in a huge storm during rush hour. So, I'm just hanging out.

I feel worse for Tim. For the second business trip in a row, he's stranded. Last time, he was stranded in New York after his flight was cancelled (without Continental telling him). This time, his original flight (Continental again, is there a theme?) out of Dulles was cancelled, but he found out early enough to trek over to Reagan Int'l airport for another Continental flight. Unfortunately, he just found out that one is cancelled too. There's only only more flight out to Cleveland the entire rest of the night, and that's not looking good. So, he'll probably have to get a hotel and stay another night. Nothing like being in the airport for four hours just to find out you're not going anywhere tonight.

I think this series of trips has just strengthened my position on "no traveling after September." The last thing either of us wants is for him to be stranded somewhere while I go into labor. Seeing as how the last few business trips haven't worked out, I think he's got a pretty good negotiating position with his company.

So yeah, running a protein assay to kill some time. I'm going to hang out for a little while longer and then try to make the trip home. I'd wait even more of the storm out, but I've got a dog at home that, I am sure, would like to use the outdoor potty. He hates rain, but I'm sure he'll be more than happy to go out for a minute or so.

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