Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Baby watch, post 1

I'm awfully tired, and it's 88 degrees, so this will be brief. No, I haven't had the baby yet, but I think it'll be sooner rather than later. I've been having fairly constant false contractions for a few days. Yesterday, I started having contractions that felt a little painful and crampy. They weren't regular, and they weren't super painful, so I didn't go in. Today, I stayed home on bedrest (basically), and I've been having more of the same type of contractions.

However, my doctor said I would know when they are the real thing. Since I'm thinking these aren't them, I don't think I'm in labor yet. But, since they'll hook me up to monitors tomorrow before the version procedure, I'm hoping they can tell me what's up. And hopefully they'll check and see how dilated/effaced I am.

The heat's been brutal--I should've turned the air on, but it was only going to be hot for one day, so I cheaped out. Oh well. It's already 5:30, so it should start to cool down soon.

Lots to blog about, with the shower being this past weekend and my sister Amy flying home for the weekend from California (a total surprise). It was an awesome weekend overall. But, I'm exhausted now, and that'll get me all emotional again, so it'll have to wait, at least until it is cooler.

I'll try to fill you in after the procedure tomorrow. I've been told it's pretty painful, so I may not be up to blogging right away. But I'll do my best.

Wish us luck!

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