Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Baby watch, post 2

Well, Tim will be home in ten minutes or so, and then we're off to the hospital for the external cephalic version. I'm a little nervous, but I really trust my doctor, so I think things will be fine. If I had to make a prediction right now, I'd say they won't be able to turn her, and we'll have to schedule a c-section. I'm even wondering if they'll want to do the version procedure if I've progressed in my dilation/effacement at all. I have to think that physics would say pushing hard on a bag of fluid (the amniotic sac) when there's been a weakening at a point (thinning/opening of the cervix) means I'm more likely to have my water break. Which would mean a c-section sooner rather than later.

I really don't know what to think. I'm still having contractions, but they aren't terribly painful. And with my doctor going out of town starting tomorrow, I don't know when they'd schedule a c-section. I have a lot of questions I'd like answers to before we start this whole process.

But, I'm not worried. Nervous, sure. Anxious, a little. Excited (especially at the thought that there's a chance, albeit tiny, we could have this baby today), absolutely. But I've been really peaceful about the whole thing. I just think that whatever will be, will be. As long as we make decisions based on what's best for the baby, I know we'll be fine.

So, that's it for now. If things do happen today, it may be a little while before I post again. I've got my laptop at work still. I don't know about the computer capabilities of the hospital--I know some sections have wireless access, and some don't. But, if things happen today, maybe I'll have someone walk next door to get my laptop and then post some info.

Wish us luck!

Oh, PS: Tim got smart and turned on the air conditioning when he got home yesterday. So the evening was much more comfortable than the daytime. Sometimes, I'm too stubborn for my own good.

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