Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happily wrong

Well, my prediction was wrong yesterday, and I couldn't be happier. The procedure worked, and we now have a non-breech baby. Hooray!

They hooked me up to the monitor for about an hour before they did the procedure. The baby's heart rate was good, and she was having regular accelerations of her heartbeat, which is also good. The interesting thing was I was having regular contractions about every five minutes. They lasted about a minute apiece, and some were longer. They were mild though, so no one was worried. I did get a shot of terbutaline just before the procedure, which relaxed the uterine muscles.

So, when the time came, they put me in the Trendelenburg position, checked me again with ultrasound, and got ready to go. My doctor had the head in her hands, and the resident had the breech (the butt) in her hands. Another resident kept an eye on things with ultrasound.

It only lasted a few minutes--they said I had a "very accomodating baby"--but it was not fun. I did my breathing exercises and tried to relax as best I could, but there were definite moments of great pain, and the rest of the time was just generally painful.

They kept me on the monitor for another hour or so after the procedure. The baby's heart rate didn't drop much, but they wanted to see the fetal heartbeat acceleration patterns again before they sent me home. Again, the interesting thing was the contraction pattern. They told me the terbutaline should wear off after a few hours, but within a half hour after the version, I was having regular contractions again. And I could tell the terbutaline was still in my system--I felt all jittery and my heart was racing (totally normal and expected side effects). But now, instead of having smooth waves of contractions, the peaks of the contractions post-version were sharp and jagged. They were still relatively mild overall. They sent me home anyway, so it must have been fine.

My doctor didn't do an internal exam yesterday, so I don't know how dilated/effaced I am. I asked her about it, and she said she didn't even want to know, because it wouldn't change anything with the version. Plus, being hooked up to the monitors was a better indication of what was going on than doing the exam. So, I'll know that info at my next appointment on Wednesday.

I felt pretty good right after the procedure. Tim and I walked next door to the lab to just stop by (and get a band-aid, since I bled through the gauze they had on my IV site). We chatted for a while, Dr. B was nowhere to be seen, and then we headed out. I felt really good. My doctor had told me to stay vertical, so we were even discussing going for a walk (which hasn't been comfortable in weeks).

Then, about 5:30, it really started to get painful. I don't know if that was the terbutaline wearing off or what. But I was SORE. My back hurt, my pelvis and hips hurt, and my abdomen hurt. We abandoned the walking idea and just chilled at home.

I took some tylenol, but it didn't help too much. I felt like I had stopped a runaway truck with my abdomen. And since I couldn't lay down yet, I just tried to relax sitting up. Not comfortable at all.

I had originally planned to go into work today. It was supposed to be my last VA clinic before maternity leave, and I had some cells I wanted to treat. The nurse told me yesterday to stay home today (they even gave me a doctor's excuse, which I haven't had since grade school). Considering how good I felt when we left, I wondered why anyone would stay home.

I get it now. I'm in much more pain today than I was yesterday. I couldn't sleep for crap (and neither could Tim, because of me). And tylenol can only do so much. So, I'm home again. I'm definitely going back tomorrow though. As nice as it's been to not be in lab since Monday, I know things will not be pretty with the boss if I take any more time off. Especially now that we'll wait for natural labor to start. I need to make sure I piss him off as little as possible.

So overall, I'm glas she turned. A few days of pain is worth not having to schedule a c-section. There's always the chance that I'll go into labor and end up with a c-section anyway, but it's a much smaller chance now.

Now, we wait. I'm still having regular mild contractions, but my doctor said strength of the contractions was much more important than frequency. And since I can still function (relatively) well, I'm not in labor. The pain and soreness is a constant thing, so I know that's not labor either.

I guess that's it for now. I just had a little lunch (Tim came home for that--he only works ten minutes away--so that was a nice little break). I'm going to wash a few dishes, nothing too stressful, and then try to nap. Exciting stuff!

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