Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's only Tuesday?

Wow, I feel like time is dragging this week. It could be the non-sleeping, since that makes every day feel like two, or it could be the anticipation factor. Time always goes slower when you are counting down to something.

Nothing new to report here. Amy's still doing ok in California, although it sounds like she won't be teaching at the camp she was assigned until spring due to the wildfire. She's still working things out, but it sounds like maybe she can just do some of the teaching at the other sites. I don't know where she'll live, but I'm sure her camp is working that out.

Baby is fine. I'm now less convinced she dropped last weekend--I think she's still where she had been, judging by the acrobatics, but my joints are stretching. I've definitely got the waddle now, and it's like I never learned how to climb stairs. I've got my next appointment tomorrow morning, so we'll see what the OB thinks.

Lab is lab. I am still working on things, but all of the roadblocks and speedbumps are really irritating. I don't know if I'll have as much done as I had hoped by the time I go on leave. But, I'm doing the best I can. Especially since I'd like nothing more than to stay home and rest on a daily basis. But, that is not an option.

I've been a zombie due to the not sleeping. And I'm not very useful when I'm home, since I'm exahusted from being in lab all day. I pretty much come home and collapse. I was trying not to leave too much of the housework to Tim this early on--I figure once the baby comes, he'll be doing a lot of it without me, so I was hoping to shoulder the load for a bit longer. But, we'll cope. The dirty dishes don't bother me so much, but I know they bug him.

That's it for now. The week just continues to drag by. I'm 36 weeks today, which means I'm 9 months pregnant according to the calendar. I guess that means we should be prepared for her any time. I don't think it'll be soon, but you never know. Maybe we'll have a better idea tomorrow.

Time to meet with the boss. He's imagining experiments again (he's sure I've gotten a certain result, we go through everything to show that I haven't gotten what he thinks I have, and then I go back to doing the experiments he told me to stop before. Pretty typical really). Always a fun conversation.

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