Friday, September 21, 2007

A mini-update

So here's what I know:

-I called the doc this morning, and her nurse called me back. She said that they usually like to do the external cephalic version to turn the baby at 37-38 weeks. So she said to come to my regular appointment Wed. morning and we'd discuss the plan there.

-She called back later and said that my doctor would be out of town for a few days after Wednesday, so change of plans. They cancelled my regular appointment scheduled for Wed. morning and we'll do the version Wed. afternoon.

-In the interest of full disclosure (and besides, it's not like I'm showing a picture), I lost my mucus plug about noon today. Not too surprising--I was a little dilated on Wednesday anyway, and she was messing around with my cervix, so it probable wasn't too tough to dislodge the plug. It doesn't mean too much, as long as my water doesn't break. If I do go into labor, I just have to tell the doctor on call that I'm breech, and they'll check again with ultrasound and then take me up for a c-section. But I haven't had contractions or anything, so I'm not too worried.

-The deal with the version: I get there a few hours ahead. They do another ultrasound, set me up with an IV (in case of an emergency c-section, which the nurse said was very rare), and do a non-stress test on the baby. Then my doc and another person will do the version. The whole thing only takes about 5 minutes, with stops in between to check the position of the baby. It's not fun, but at least it's fast. Then I'll hang around for a while afterwards so they can monitor me and the baby again.

-Hopefully it'll turn the baby. If, during the version, she's not budging, then they'll stop. And if she's still breech, then we'll talk scheduled c-section. But it sounds like she won't be coming today or tomorrow (as long as I don't go into labor on my own).

That's what I know. I'm trying some positions and postures to see if she'll turn on her own, but no success yet. I guess we'll wait and see!

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