Monday, October 15, 2007

Not yet

I'm really exhausted, so this will be brief (and maybe I'll update more later). Still no baby. I was hopeful this weekend, but nothing. I'm home now for good--just too tired to keep going into lab. My next appt. is Wednesday morning, and I have a feeling I'll still be pregnant, so I am going to ask what she thinks about breaking my water or even trying pitocin. I'm so desperate to not be pregnant anymore!

I'm having constant contractions, but not strong enough to go to the hospital, and that's tiring. Plus I'm not sleeping from the heartburn, the contractions, and general discomfort. I'm just totally wiped out.

Tomorrow is the original due date. Since I've been dilated/effaced for a month, lost my plug 3 1/2 weeks ago, and been having contractions five minutes apart since the version three weeks ago, I didn't figure I'd still be pregnant on the due date. So much for that!

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