Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The weekly update

Despite having a few bouts of contractions that I thought would be the start of labor over the last few days, I still managed to make it to my doctor's appointment this morning.

The weekly stats were 4 cm dilated, 70% effaced, and 0 station, so some progress from last week. The baby's heart rate and everything was fine, and despite being very swollen, I got the ok health wise too. Usually, I'd be pretty pumped about being given a clean bill of health, but what it meant was that I have to wait another week to be induced if she doesn't decide to come on her own :( I guess no medical indication for induction is a positive though, so I'll just try to be patient!

The doctor did sweep my membranes again, and I've already had a few mild contractions and some back pain since then (and that was since my appointment at 11 AM), so I'm hopeful maybe this will get things jump started.

So much for the due date, which was yesterday. But, I know a lot of first time babies come late, so we're just following the crowd I guess! I'm going to hang around at home and hope the contractions don't fizzle out again. I'll let you know if things change!

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