Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Time is going so fast!

I went into work, sort of, on Monday. Actually, I wanted to hear a group of speakers--we have a "women in MSTP" group that meets monthly, and this time they had several women in different stages of medical training coming in to speak on medicine and having a family. I asked in advance if I could bring Sophie, and I got the OK, so we trekked through mud and rain to head up to school Monday afternoon.

As fate would have it, there was a last minute endocrine speaker across the hall at the same time. Now, this was in a building across campus from where I work, and I go into this building maybe twice a year. So I was shocked when I saw members of my lab funneling in for the endocrine speaker. I saw Ossama first, then Valerie, and then Dr. B. Dr. B came in just before the speaker was ready to start. I didn't get much time to talk to him (and Sophie had a doctor's appointment right after the talk, so I couldn't hang around), but it sounds like he wants me back in a week and a half. I have my 6 week postpartum appointment next Wednesday, so I'll stop in after that and work out the details. But seeing him made this whole going-back-to-work thing seem more real.

It also inspired me to just enjoy the little bit of time I have left at home. And so that's what I'm working on. She's already grown so much in a month--I don't want to miss a thing.

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  1. Sister,

    I have a card for Sophie that got eaten by the abyss of my couch cushions which I recently found. It was written the day of her birth. I can't believe how long it has been!

    Wish I were home for the baptism. Best wishes for the family, and I'll see you all soon.