Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sophie's 1st Christmas

I am constantly amazed at how quickly time is moving. Sophie turned 2 months old on Christmas. The ten months I was pregnant seemed so discreet--now, time just blurs together. I can't believe how big she's gotten, especially compared to Tim's cousin's twin sons. They are about three weeks old and weigh five pounds each. Sophie sitting next to them looked like a giant baby!
Thank goodness she's been healthy too. A nasty intestinal bug is going around, and my mom, Amy, and Jen all got it Christmas night. A whole bunch of people on my mom's side got it too, including my pregnant cousin. Poor thing--she went in for fluids and ended up with a c-section. She wasn't very dilated, and I asked her on Christmas if she had been having contractions, and she said no, so I think breaking her water (and thus starting the delivery clock) was the wrong choice by her doctor. But, I'm no doctor yet, so I can't really have too much of an opinion yet.

Anyway, Christmas Eve at Tim's side was nice. It was a bit sad--this is the first Christmas his Grandma is in a nursing home and couldn't be there. But with all of the babies around, people seemed to be focused on happy things.

Christmas day was a total blur. We hit 9 AM mass--and Sophie was kind enough to have a giant poop just before mass started. That was fun. Then we had brunch at his parent's house, went to my mom's side for a while, went to my dad's side, and then went back to my parent's house. The flu bug was really starting to hit Amy hard (with Jen and my mom soon after) about 9 PM Christmas night, so we left about 9:30. And luckily (knock on wood) Tim, Sophie, and I are ok. It sounds like the virus that put me in the hospital five years ago Christmas, so I am really hoping we get passed by this round.

I've been home again this week. I was planning to go into lab, but Ossama wasn't in last week and couldn't show me where all the bacteria and transformation stuff got moved to, so I have to wait for him. And I can guarantee that since Dr. B is not coming in this week, neither is Ossama. And I can't really blame him.

I've got to get organized to give lab meeting on January 4th. It'll force me to really re-focus on my project. And I'm still trying to push forward on the paper from Frank's lab. The postdoc really wants to add a few more experiments, but I really need it out. We'll see if I can convince him.

I can't believe it's almost new year's. I'm working on a little resolution/retrospection post--we'll see if I actually get it done any time soon.

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