Thursday, January 31, 2008

I will NOT freak out...

So the sellers we are dealing with have been a total pain in the ass, start to finish. We've pretty much given in to all their demands (although not without trying to negotiate first), because we want to sell our house. All that stood in the way was the home inspection. Well, our house might be 35 years old, but it is in pretty great shape.

Or so we thought.

Really, the home inspector found a whole bunch of little stuff (like adding a gate to access under our deck, or insulating the home. Hello, it was insulated just before we bought it!). There were three concerns the sellers had. One, the kitchen sink leaked. We never really noticed until we were getting ready to move, and it leaks about a milliliter a month. Really. But they said they'd fix it.

Two, they found an area that they think may have a mouse. It's in the downstairs closet, which sits under the stairs. Umm, ok, we had cats for six years, and we never had a mouse. Still, we've been gone six months and it's winter, so it's not a big shocker. Both of our parents, who live in the country, have mice all the time. These people are freaked out. We offered to set traps--they want a professional exterminator to come in. For one mouse? Are you kidding me?

The third one is the biggie though. There's a few feet of roof panel in the attic that has some mold. It's not toxic black mold, and it's not even totally covering the panel. When we were getting estimates to get the roof replaced, the guy said that he would just spray it with bleach and let it dry. Well, these people want a professional abatement company to do it. When Tim called the number of the person they gave us, the guy said it was going to cost $1500!!! Are you kidding me? We don't have it. We're already going to have to write a check to sell the house.

I am totally frustrated and overwhelmed at this point. These people have been a total pain in the ass, start to finish. And I'm a little pissed at our realtor. Apparently she's out of town for a few days, and she didn't tell us, even though she knew we would be hearing about the home inspection.

I just want to be done, but I don't want to get completely screwed in the process. In my dreams I wish someone would just walk in and take the house out from under these people. But they can't--it's delisted. Technically this home inspection could break the deal, but even then, it's no guarantee we'd be able to sell again right away. And who knows if the next buyer would be any better? With all this talk about buyer's markets and the crappy real estate markets, I'm not surprised people think they can get away with whatever they want.

I'm just so upset right now. Tim was upset yesterday (even before we knew how much it was going to cost), then I talked him down, and then he had to talk me down. And today, I'm just basically inconsolable. I'm at work, so obviously I'm not letting it show, but I'm totally heartbroken.

I wish these people had looked through more than one other house before they put an offer on ours. We went through so many crappy houses before we found this one. And we took such good care of it--we'll never see that ten grand again. And these people will need to replace the roof in a few years anyway, and this will be a moot point.

I'm just so bummed. More and more, I feel like this might have been a huge mistake--not because our new house is bad, but just because of how badly we're being screwed on the old one.

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