Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Something fun

It's been one of those weeks so far for me. Rather than rehash it, I though I'd do something a little fun. I found this website where you can trade video games. I've been trading in my old game cube games for new Wii games. Like, I can trade in the game cube Zelda for the same amount as getting the Wii Zelda. They are used games, of course, but they are in good shape (they guarantee the games will play). It's been a lot of fun trying new things out. If you click through this link, you can get 100 points for free, which is enough to get a lower-tier game on almost any system. I just thought I'd share. And hey, it's a free video game, right? It can't hurt. It's been helping my mental health, at least.

Ok, promo over. Back to lab work!

(Note: someone said the points aren't showing up, just a free trade credit. I'm looking into it. When I did it, you got 100 points for free. Now, it looks like you get an extra 100 points for the first game you trade. I'll get back to you).

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