Friday, January 11, 2008

This is random, but I was checking my email, and they had a little sidebar ad with a pregnant women's stomach in the picture. Can I tell you that I got a little sad? For all of the issues that went with it, overall I really enjoyed being pregnant. Now, that being said, I'm not ready to rush out and do this again any time soon. And I guess it's a little normal to miss being pregnant, from what I've heard. It just consumed so much of my life last year--it feels a little weird to be a normal person again. Weird, I know.

Anyway, Tim is home again, and I actually got to leave the house for about 30 minutes last night. It was just grocery shopping. Still, knowing he was with her made me feel much calmer and more in control of things at home. I picked up, did some dishes, and made a broccoli salad for work today (we're having an impromptu lab lunch--Ming is making dumplings, and I made this broccoli salad. Mostly just because we were both having cravings and didn't want to eat all the food ourselves.) I even got to play a few minutes of Mario Galaxy on the Wii (a totally addictive game, FYI). I know it was a little tough for Tim to jump right back into the baby stuff, but he did a good job dealing with her fussiness. I didn't get a nap--she is so cute, I can't lay down when she is in a good mood, I have to play with her. And Tim's department got a whole bunch of tickets to the Cavaliers basketball game tonight, so there will be no napping tonight either. But hopefully tomorrow we can sleep in and catch up on some zzz's together.

I've got to work on my talk for the research retreat next week, and I finally have cells ready to pass, so I've actually got stuff to do today. That always makes the time move faster.

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