Tuesday, January 22, 2008

When it rains, it pours

I've just been having one of those weeks, I think. The furnace crapped out on Sunday. It started with the furnace not being able to get to the set thermostat temp (it was set at 68 but would only get to 65 or so). Then we started getting a burnt plastic-y smell throughout the house. And then the temperature really started to drop. We had space heaters running, and we bundled Sophie up, but we were both so nervous Sunday night that neither of us really slept. About 2:30 AM Tim called the home warranty place. They said someone would be out Monday to fix it. We were thinking we might have to go to the old house, or down to our parents, if it got really cold. Luckily, the house is well insulated, and it didn't drop below 50.

Still, it meant that I had to stay home on Monday and wait for the repairman. Technically Monday was a university holiday, but those don't really exist in the lab. And I had my experiments planned already. I resent the fact that I'm always the one that has to stay home when stuff happens, but I guess I should appreciate the flexibility while I have it. Soon enough, Tim will have to be the one to take off work when she's sick or something happens. The flexibility will be nonexistent during residency.

Luckily, the furnace was covered by our home warranty, with only a $50 deductible. Thank goodness for small favors. Considering this house is seven years old, and the old house was 35, we've had a lot more things to fix in the new house versus the old house, and we've only been here six months! I'm hoping we've hit our quota for a while.

Anyway, I'm trying to stay positive, as much as the little things have really gone for crap over the last week. It's just one of those frustrating times when nothing seems to cooperate. I know it won't last forever, but while I'm in the funk, it sure stinks. Oh well, maybe my experiments will start working again sometime soon.

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