Thursday, January 10, 2008

Woo Hoo!

Tim is finally coming home today. He's been gone six of the last eight days traveling for work. And God bless single parents, but I don't know how they do it. I've even had tons of help from my family. It's just been totally overwhelming. I love Sophia dearly, and she is usually a very easygoing baby, but this cold has really made her fussy. That has meant that from the time I get her from my mom until the time I go to bed, I am holding her. And feeding her, since she only wants one thing when I have her. I love holding her, and to hold her 99% of the time is awesome. But when I don't have another set of hands to hold her for that 1% of the time I need to eat, or pee, or do something else--that's when it is the hardest.

She's usually content to sit in a bouncer or a swing for a few minutes, but this cold has irritated her so much that she doesn't like them. And I can't lay her down flat on her activity mat because the snot drains and chokes her. So it's been non-stop holding. Part of me has really enjoyed not having to share her, but I haven't done dishes, or laundry, or anything since Tim left. I had to take out the garbage last night--a ten minute job--and I had to put her in the swing so she was ok while I did it. And she screamed the whole time. It broke my heart to here her cry, but I knew she wasn't hungry or wet. She's a little young to be letting her cry it out on a regular basis (according to the pediatrician), but a few minutes is supposed to be ok. It still sucks though.

I am totally exhausted from the lack of sleep. It's like when she was two weeks old all over again. But then again, she is smiling so much now (and so close to laughing!) that I forget all about the lack of sleep instantly when I am with her. It's times like now, when I'm at work and she's with my mom, that I really feel run down. I don't have her little face to perk me up :)

I'd like to run out to the store and leave Sophie with Tim for a while, but I might be better off taking a nap. I may even try to leave early and sleep. We'll see. My cells aren't quite ready yet anyway. I know my boss is going to be coming around again, but it seems stupid to hang around just for face time. Unfortunately, that is the way life works.

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