Monday, February 25, 2008

Is this a joke?

You know, it's true. There are times in life when if you don't laugh, you'll cry. This has been one of those weeks.

The deal with the house: Thursday morning, Tim took off work and went over to the old house to meet the mold removal guy. There were a few spots of mold under the roof in the attic that the buyers were super concerned about (even though we had been told by a professional that it wasn't a concern), so Tim had one of his business contacts send a guy over to professionally clean it. In the meantime, Tim was moving some of the last big pieces of furniture over to the new house. The plan had been to take the last bit of furniture out of the house over the weekend so that, when the house transferred this Friday, things would be totally taken care of.

Of course, after the mold guy left and Tim had unloaded the furniture, the realtor called. Apparently, both of the buyers had been married previously, divorced, and then remarried. The woman had bought a house with her ex-husband, but after the divorce, she no longer lived there. I guess the ex-husband let the house go into foreclosure. Now, none of this had come out until the private mortgage insurance company ran the application and found out that they had been the ones to insure the foreclosed house. Once they knew that, they denied the application for PMI. Apparently that got back to the lender, and then the lender pulled the financing.

The crappy thing is that the lender pre-approved these people, which means they should've had to document income, and there should have been a credit report. Whether the buyer had no idea about the foreclosure, or whether she knew and just thought it didn't affect her is unclear. Still, that would show up on a credit report. These people were preapproved, not just prequalified, and they had already gotten the loan ready to go (heck, we were supposed to close in less than a week!)

Basically, they had one shot to get someone to cosign the loan. They couldn't find anyone. I guess their families said, "If you can't afford to get a house on your own, don't buy one." So the deal fell apart.

I have to tell you, when Tim called me Thursday afternoon to tell me, I was too flabbergasted to be upset. This deal has been such a gigantic pain in the butt from day one. I just figured we had gone through all the crap by this point--we were less than a week away, and the buyers had applied for the loan over a month ago. I had already set up the utility shut-off (which I have to remember to call and undo today). I just figured that their realtor had been so pushy--they must have everything on their end done to feel superior enough to push us around.

I'm still in some shock. The house has already been relisted. Instead of moving the last of the furniture out, we spent Friday night and all day Saturday moving things back in. We didn't move all of the furniture back. We left the heavy dressers, the sofa, and the dining room set at the new house. We just strategically placed things and put some of the decorations back up.

And now, we wait for new buyers.

The whole thing is just so surreal. And there is so much other stress going on right now--my committee meeting is in a week (and will be horrible, I am sure), Sophie's teething and miserable, my GI system is absolutely horrible, and I am totally off schedule and out of whack. I almost showed up to my friend's son's first birthday party a week early! I knew it was Sunday from 12-4. Sophie was being so fussy that I emailed my friend and told her I didn't think we'd be able to make it. She emailed back and told me it was the following Sunday! Thank God--I was all ready to pack Sophie up and go. I would've been so embarrassed!

That's not me at all. I am uber-organized. I have everything in my planner. But I've been so completely thrown for a loop over the past two weeks or so that I don't even know what day it is. Yesterday was a real wake-up call for me in that sense. I figure I need to slow down and scale back--I'm feeling so out of control of my life. Problem is that the next few weeks are still going to be crazy. I keep telling myself this busy-ness won't last forever, but it feels like it is.

And the craziest part? Sophie is four months old today. Where did that time go?

I just want to slow down, but this is the worst possible time for that. If anything, I need to be ramping up to finish my PhD and get moving. But all I want is a vacation. I've only been back two months--it's a little early to need a break!

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