Thursday, February 21, 2008

Quick update

Things have been busy. I'll fill in the blanks later, but in the last week:

-My dad went to ER with chest pain, and he was in the hospital for several days. He's only 51, but his brother (who is a few years older than him) just had quadruple bypass surgery three weeks ago, so heart issues run in the family.

-We found out today that the buyers of our old house can't get financing. Long story, but basically even though they were preapproved, there is a past credit issue that just came to light now. If they can't get a cosigner, we can't close in a week, and the house goes back up for sale.

-Generally, I'm having a lot of stress/anxiety issues with things, and today it decided to take a toll on my GI system.

-Sophie's had several spells of extreme fussiness recently. She isn't due for another growth spurt for a while, but she doesn't seem sick either. She sees the doctor in a week, so we'll check it out then if it doesn't get any worse.

-I have a thesis committee meeting on the 4th of March, and still nothing is working.

You know, I don't know what I did to offend the universe, but I'd like one thing to cooperate in my favor in the near future.

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