Friday, February 08, 2008

So much better

The last few weeks have been uber-stressful. The bulk of it has been the issues involved with selling the house. These buyers have been a huge pain in the butt throughout the process, and after the home inspection came back, things moved from irritating to plain old abusive. They wanted us to fix the mold in the attic. We are--we've got a professional guy doing it (someone Tim knows) that should cost us much less than the $1400 their guy wanted. The other issue was the pest extermination. We set mouse traps (and never caught anything), but they said there was an "insect infestation." First off, we've never had bugs. Second, they didn't tell us what type of bugs, or where, or what they saw that made them think we had bugs, so even if we called an exterminator, they'd laugh at us.

We told them to get rid of the pest contigency. They were being pains. We told them to get it inspected specifically for pests, and then we'd fix it if they found anything. No word back. Finally, this morning, our realtor called and said that their realtor knew a guy who'd go through it for $50 and fix anything he found. Finally!

So now we just need them to sign off on the mold stuff, and we are good to close in three weeks. It's been pretty stressful--at any time, they could kill the deal by saying, "no, we won't compromise". That's why we've been so hesistant to move furniture or do anything else. And we've been on pins and needles waiting to hear something back. Now that things seem better, I think we're in the clear.

It's really been amazing how much this house stuff was taking a toll. Despite the other sources of stress in my life--experiments not working, being totally exhausted from lab and baby, a house that is in total disarray--by far the most stressful thing has been selling this house. But in three weeks, that will be over, and life can get back to as pseudo-normal as it's ever been.

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