Monday, March 17, 2008


Things have been totally crazy round here recently. I'll give you the low down later, but so far today:

-My road to work was totally shut down, and the detour wasn't marked. So I took a back way, and when I tried to cut back to my road, it was STILL closed. So me (and everyone else in the city of Cleveland) had no idea how to get to where we needed to go. It delayed me over an hour.

-I remembered my breast pump, but forgot all the attachments. So I haven't "emptied" since about 9 this morning. And I have a few hours to go (like 3 or 4). And already it HURTS!

-My plasmid DNA prep sucked. Our cuvettes grew legs and wandered off, so after spending most of the morning hunting down another set, I learned that instead of getting 350 ug of DNA, I got 3. And I used a damn kit! This is why I do things my way.

-I am running an agarose gel in the hopes that my DNA readings were off, and I really do have more DNA than it shows. But that's been a disaster so far. And I'm not hopeful.

So, my experiments are a disaster, my day's been a wreck, and Tim's going out of town for four days, so I'm on my own. And Sophie is getting over being sick (more on that later--one of the scariest moments of my life).

I am totally, utterly, and unfailingly disastrous today. I mean, really: even with how close I (hope) I am to finishing my PhD, I really thought about just walking away and being done with it today. It's been that frustrating. And it's not even 3 PM!

Honest to God. I am in waaaaaay over my head.

Not two minutes after I posted this, Ming came in and said that our grant didn't get funded, and of this instant, we have NO MONEY! Not even enough to order CO2 tanks for our cells. Not enough to use the P-card to get supplies. Nothing. I'm hoping to get more info on that soon. Like today hasn't been fun enough already.

Seriously, I must've hit a squirrel or something on my way into work today, because the universe is really pissed at me. There's got to be a reason!

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  1. Nikki2:01 PM

    I feel ya. Friday, I dragged my butt into work at 6:20 am (after a 40 minute drive). Sacrificed 20 mice. Got their lymph nodes out, got the cells ready and stained. Getting ready to sort them and the cell sorter up and broke (spewing fluid at our technician, broke.) I cursed the science gods and was told not to piss them off...I said, "how much worse can it get?" Well then this weekend, the other instrument I needed to get the data on my back up plan wouldn't read my samples...And the cell sorter still wasn't fixed Monday (when I had another sort planned)...did I mention that I have to go to a conference April 5 and am supposed to have a poster. With all this non-existant data! I've gotten to the point where it's like, screw it. There's nothing I can do. I'm rolling with the punches, when all I wanted to do was call up BD and yell loudly! :)