Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My disappearing act

You'll never believe who I met in person last night: David Copperfield!!!

Long story short: my dad knows a VP at the University of Akron who gave him sweet seats to the David Copperfield magic show. My dad couldn't go because of a business trip, so he gave Tim and I the tickets, and my mom watched Sophie.

Well, these seats were sweet--orchestra, row F, dead center. It was crazy! Now, Tim and I are both magic skeptics, so we weren't expecting much. And because we were so close, we had a pretty good idea on how some of the tricks worked. Then again, there were a few times when we looked at each other and thought "how did he do that?"

For the grand finale, he needed 13 random people from the audience. They picked people by throwing big silver beach balls into the seats, and whoever had a ball at the end came on stage. Guess what? I had one!

They brought us onstage and had us sit in two rows of seats. Then they lowered a curtain, made us disappear, and then had us reappear up in the balcony. I can't tell you how they did it, and I myself am not even sure on some of the specifics, but I guess it was a pretty cool effect for those in the audience.

After the trick, we audience people got taken behind the scenes to a little "debriefing room". We watched a video of how the effect looked to the audience at a similar show, and then we were asked not to tell the secret. After that, David Copperfield himself came in the room to talk to us, and we all got autographed 8x10 pictures as a thank you! It was unreal.

Poor Tim though--they only told the family members that the disappeared people would meet them in the lobby after the show. Well, the whole debriefing thing took about 20 minutes, so he was freaking out a little bit. When they did bring us back, everyone else's people were there, but I couldn't find Tim. I was calling for him, and then I walked all around the other lobby areas, but he wasn't around. We were both wigging out a little when we did finally meet up. He had my coat and purse, which had my phone and car keys, so I knew he hadn't left yet. It was still a little unnerving though.

Overall, it was a pretty fun time. I don't think I would've bought tickets on my own to see David Copperfield, but for free, you can't beat it. And Tim and I needed a night out. Actually, what we both needed was a nap--Sophie's been awake most of the night for the last two nights--but this was a close second.

Anyway, I thought I'd brag a little about my cool disappearing act :)

I've got Easter pictures and more fun stuff to talk about, but I am busy off my butt today and for the rest of the week, so I'll try to squeeze it in when I can.

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