Saturday, April 05, 2008


OK, I am a few months behind, but it's midnight on Saturday night, Sophie's asleep, and I've got a few minutes to post pictures. I'll try to do five or so pictures every day for the next week. Here's the first batch:

Sophie in her jumperoo 2-18-08

Tim and Sophie relaxing 2-24-08

Me wearing Sophie during house work (she's pretty much too big for this now!) 3-1-08

Too appropriate! A gift from Heather & Aaron 3-2-08

Sitting in the bumbo, eating a biter biscuit (or at least face painting with it) 3-15-08

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  1. Jenny2:14 PM

    i love the picture blogs they are definately my favorite!
    i like reading all the blogs too, because that is sometimes the only way I get some information!
    keep the cute pictures coming!