Thursday, May 08, 2008

First missed milestone

Ok, I've had my first dose of mommy guilt associated with a missed milestone (I've had lots of general mommy guilt though). My mom just called and asked, "Did you know Sophie has a tooth?"


Sophie's been a little more fussy the past week or two, but I attributed that to a growth spurt (since she's also been eating a lot more recently). She had one little area on her gums that was a little bit lighter, but no swelling or redness.

Last night, and the night before, she's been not wanting to go to sleep for anything, and then she wakes up several times at night. But all it takes is popping the binky back in and she's asleep.

I've heard such horror stories about teething--fevers, drooling, screaming babies, red puffy gums--that I figured it'd be obvious. Apparently she's so laid back that she cut a tooth without me even noticing!

I feel like a bad mom that I didn't catch it. Heck, she had her mouth open a dozen times just this morning when I was giving her cereal and veggies. But did I see the little tooth on her bottom left? Nope.

I guess I'll get to see it today after work. Hopefully it's a good sign that I didn't notice it when she was nursing this morning!

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