Thursday, July 10, 2008

Catch-up post #1

Even trying to stay caught up, I fall behind! Such is life, I suppose.

So, item #1: my uber-bargain weekend. I starting scouring the local craiglist for baby items. My wish list: a jogging stroller, a toddler backpack (so I can carry Sophie, not so she can carry a backpack--she outgrew the infant one), and some toddler toys (preferably a little tikes table or easel). My total budget: $100 (all my play money I've been saving).

My first find: the little tikes table. It came as a set, but it looked like a good deal, so I went for it. Here's what I got:

two sippy cups, used once (the straw kind Sophie likes)

A big inflatable duck that goes in the bathtub so Sophie can't roll over or hit herself (both of which have happened in the big tub).

A Pumbaa toy that makes loud farting noises

The little tikes table and 2 chairs

A six-sided puzzle cube (just like the one she has at daycare)

A really nice wooden Sesame Street activity cube

A snack tray that clips onto our umbrella stroller or a car seat

Two unopened cans of formula, plus a $5 formula check

A TON of safety proofing stuff, most unopened. She said she bought a bunch of stuff to try around the house, but then lost the receipt and couldn't return it.

A shape sorter that makes noise when you put the blocks in.

A Baby Bjorn potty (a little early, but worth hanging on to)

A portable high chair (we left ours at Tim's parent's house, so we can keep this one at our place)

Two roller shades for Tim's truck

Everything was like new. Total cost? $55.

Second find: a jogging stroller. I wanted something with inflatable bike tire wheels so we can walk the gravel path at the national park by us. I couldn't afford the $200+ for a new one, so I kept an eye out. I had seen several on Craigslist, but they always went so fast. I got lucky on Sunday. There was a couple by where I work that offered an Instep Elite jogging stroller, used twice (they are having another baby and need a double jogger).

Regular price: $190 now (over $200 when it first came out). My price? $30. And it's like new--still has the little bumps on the tires that wear off after a use or two. And Sophie loves it.

I haven't had any luck on the toddler backpack yet. It's probably the thing we'll use least often--I wanted it for the trails up around Tim's parent's camp in PA--but if we don't find one, no biggie. And I've only got $15 left, so it'd have to be a steal.

And, my cousin and I discovered the Flower Factory, which has extremely cheap craft/home goods. I was good and spent only $7 (and $3 of that was for painter's tape), but the next time I go, I plan to blow whatever play money I might have left :) It was a great find.

Nothing like a nice bargain weekend to raise my spirits. Next post: Sophie's pictures, and the painted kitchen.

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