Sunday, July 13, 2008

I finally decided... go to the BBQ. See the previous post for background. Ultimately, it came down to "do unto others." And I'd like people to come to my stuff.

I gave Tim the opportunity to stay home, and he took it. So Sophie and I ventured down to beyond-Canton alone. Sophie slept in the car the whole way down, and most of the way back. It was a pretty drive--not entirely a wasted half tank of gas.

More people came to the BBQ than I expected. And you know what? Despite the fact that I maybe decided to go to the BBQ for the wrong reasons, I'm glad I went. It wasn't the most convenient location, sure. But I hadn't seen my dad's side of the family since Christmas, and I didn't realized how much I missed them. There were a few questions I had to field, but I tried my best and then changed the subject. Overall everyone was super sweet, and everyone loved seeing Sophie. She has grown so much since she was two months old!

We couldn't stay for more that 2.5 hours, with the long drive and Sophie's bedtime looming. But I did get to talk to a lot of different people and catch up. I hope I see them again soon.

It's hard. I've been bitter and aggravated this weekend. And when I'm like that, I naturally want to withdraw into myself. And my immediate family's recent issues make it even harder to go out and be social. But I feel so much better when I move past that and go see other people. After all, they are family, and they are there for you.

It is hard to make time. Heck, I see my immediate family completely together maybe two times a year, let alone seeing my entire extended family. It's tough to make time when everyone is busy. But maybe I need to work harder.

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