Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Always something...

Well, I had intended to post some pictures and generally catch up on life this weekend. Didn't happen. Saturday was nice--Sophie was in a good mood, we did some shopping, and we generally didn't push ourselves. We knew Sunday was wide open, so we used Saturday as a "play day" with Sunday being the "work day."

I should've known it wouldn't be that easy. My parents flew out to Arizona for a family funeral, so Jen stayed the nights with us over the weekend. And of course, Saturday night was a total scream fest for Sophie. She started crying about 2:30 AM. Since she had been fine Saturday, we figured it was more of an attention thing. So we let her cry it out--or tried to, anyway. For about 2 hours we let her cry, just going in every fifteen minutes-half hour to lay her back down and pop the binky back in. Usually, one or two times of that puts her back to sleep. After two hours, it was obvious that she wasn't going to cry it out. She was screaming so hard by the end that I worried she'd make herself pass out. She didn't have a fever, and she wasn't hungry, so I thought maybe it was teething.

We took her in the bed with us (at ugly o'clock in the morning, whatever it was) and tried to get her to calm down. No go. By 7 I was up for good. I tried feeding her, rocking her, etc. Nothing calmed her down. She at least stopped screaming, but she wouldn't stop crying. I call the doctor about 11, after many hours of crying. Sophie still didn't have a fever, but we've all had colds for several weeks, and Sophie just finished antibiotics for an ear infection the previous weekend. I told the doctor this, and she said that it sounded viral. She said we could take her to ER if we were worried, but we should just make sure she's getting fluids and take it easy.

Tim and I initially thought we'd just keep an eye on her. But by noon, it was obvious she wasn't herself. She could barely keep her eyes open, and when we'd sit her up, she'd fall over. We didn't know if she was acting lethargic because she was really sick or because she was really tired.

We kept checking her temperature, and by 1:30, she had spiked one to over 101 degrees. That was it--we decided to take her to ER. Rather than going to the ER at the hospital nearest us (that doesn't have a peds unit, and the adult unit is iffy at best--trust me, I've been there), we decided to drive up to Rainbow Babies children's hospital. If we're going to ER, better to go to one that we have confidence in.

It's about a half hour drive. Sophie slept the whole half hour. By the time we got to the hospital, Sophie was up, smiling and looking better. She was still burning up though. We didn't know what to do. If she looked like this at home, we wouldn't have taken her to ER. And I knew there'd be a long wait to get seen--if all she needed was some sleep to feel better, she'd be better off at home.

We decided to give her some tylenol and hang out in the hospital cafeteria for a while. She drank some water and ate a little. And she was very playful and happy. So, we decided to head back to the car. We drove around for 2 and a half hours to let her get some sleep. We decided that if she still looked bad after the nap, we could always come back to ER.

After the long afternoon drive, Sophie seemed much better. She ate when we got home, and we gave her a cool bath and kept up on the tylenol/motrin routine (the doctor had said to alternate tylenol and motrin every 3 hours, and it seemed to do the trick). By the time she was ready for bed, her fever was down and she looked much better.

She didn't sleep great Sunday night, but she did better than the night before. Monday we took her to day care--still no fever as long as the tylenol/motrin was in her system. She didn't want to eat much at daycare, but she did ok otherwise. We just figured maybe she was teething. We did the whole cool bath/motrin/bottle before bed, and she went down with no problem. She was up about every 4 hours, but that's when she was due for more tylenol too, so it worked out.

Tuesday I dropped her off. I told daycare that if she didn't look good, they should call Tim since I'm at the VA on Tuesdays. I didn't think it would be a problem.

Of course, I have no phone access and limited email at the VA. So I checked my email between patients, and sure enough, there's one from Tim saying daycare called, Sophie has a fever, and he's leaving to go get her.

By the time I finished up and got Tim on the phone, he was leaving the doctor's office. Turns out Sophie has another ear infection. It's likely the same one--the amoxicillin may not have taken care of it, and since we've all had colds since the beginning of July, she hasn't been able to drain.

I cancelled horses for the night, got her Augmentin prescription, and just laid low with her. She still doesn't want to eat baby food, but she'll eat people food and Kix, and she'll take milk. So she's getting enough nutrition. But she's cranky (I don't blame her) and won't sleep well. We've had four nights in a row with all of us getting very little sleep. I'm hoping she's better tonight--she's already had two doses of antibiotics and looked better this morning.

Needless to say, the ER near-visit killed Sunday for us. We had to bail on Jason's birthday, which I felt really bad about, and we got nothing done that we had planned to do. But, such is life with a toddler. When she's sick, the world stops.

So, I still have pictures I promised to post. I also have continuing drama in the lab, but I won't have more info on that for another week, so maybe I'll hold off on the whole story until that has more info.

I'm sleep deprived, tired of having a chest cold, stressed about the lab, and attempting to join as many "healthy volunteer" clinical trials as I can to make some extra money. All in all, I'm worn out and could use a break. But at least I know that I am fairly high-functioning on little to no sleep. Oh well, the day care plagues can't last forever!

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