Monday, August 04, 2008

Sorry--it's been a while

Sophie came down with a double ear infection last week, so things have been a bit crazy on both the home and work front. Lots to talk about, though, and I think the good old "bullet list" is the best way to catch up :)

-Sophie had her 9 month visit last Monday. It was a bit traumatic for her. She only had one shot, but they did a finger prick to get a hematocrit, and they swabbed her bottom to make sure she didn't have a strep rash down there. The finger stick was horrible--she's done the cry-so-hard-she-is-silent thing before, but I really thought she was going to make herself pass out. And then we had to wait for a while until the rapid strep test came back (it was negative). All she wanted was to get out of that exam room!

-Sophie usually runs a small fever for a short time after her shots. Since she only had one, a hepatitis B (which she didn't run a fever with before), we held off on the motrin. She seemed better by Monday night, with no fever. Tuesday she seemed tired but ok. Then day care called at 2:30--she had been sleeping since 10:30 without waking up, and she seemed warm. I told them to wake her up and see if she was hungry. She was, and she ate and played. She also had a fever of 101, but it went away with one dose of tylenol. I thought maybe it was a delay from the shot.

-Wednesday the daycare called again in the afternoon. This time, she was fussy and didn't want to eat or play (which as they said--that's so not her). They took her temp, and it was 103. That is high for Sophie, and it's also two days past her shots. We got her into the pediatrician, and sure enough, she has a double ear infection.

-With Kim, the fellow in my lab, being a pediatrician, I was all nervous before we went to the appointment. I hadn't seen Sophie pulling on her ears or anything. So Kim said if they didn't find an ear infection, make sure we got a CBC, a urine, and blood cultures. I was all panicked that we'd have to take her to the hospital. Nope, three minute visit. Tim took her since he works so much closer, and I was about 10 minutes behind them. They were already out of the office by the time I got there!

-Sophie started the antibiotics Wednesday night. She was still running high fevers whenever the Motrin wore off (she spiked over 103 a few times over the next few nights). I ended up coming in late and leaving work a bit early on Thursday, and I just stayed home with Sophie on Friday. By Friday night, she seemed much better.

-And I'm sorry, I know it doesn't sound like much, but a teaspoon of antibiotics is a lot for a nine month old. She just hates it. We've tried mixing it with milk or formula or food, but she's knows the antibiotic is in there and won't drink/eat it. So we battle it out--it takes about five little squirts from the dropper in order for her to be able to swallow it all and not spit it out. No fun.

-In other news, last weekend was crazy busy for us. Joey's high school graduation was Saturday, and we were having the lab over for a BBQ on Sunday. That meant that the week before was a lot of cooking/cleaning on two fronts--my house and my mom's.

-There were mixed results, I think. Joe's party was a lot of fun, and it was a total whirlwind of people. I talked to a lot of people I hadn't seen in a long time. And the family was super nice. I was hesitant about my dad's family--they just found out about my mom's alcoholism the week before, and I thought things would get awkward. Instead, they were super sweet and supportive. Both sides of the family helped out a ton by bringing food and pop. It took so much pressure off of us. It really was wonderful.

-The lab BBQ--not quite as successful. Tim and I had completely cleaned the house from top to bottom. We're relatively clean people, but the house hadn't been this spic-and-span since we bought it a year ago. We figured that, since none of the lab people had seen the house yet, they'd want a tour.

-Well, Sunday turned out to be a bit of a blur. The cleaning ran long, and so I only had enough time to chop up the chicken, beef, and veggies for shish-kebobs. I didn't have time to skewer them before people came.

-Valerie, her husband, and their 4 month old were there at 4, and Kim and her husband came a little before 5. I was busy doing shish-kebobs and shucking corn in the kitchen, so Tim was left with most of the chit-chat. It was a different dynamic than in lab. We girls never have strained conversations at lunch. At the BBQ, I felt like I had to pick topics out of a hat to get people to talk.

-Of course, I ran late. So the shish-kebobs didn't go on until almost 5:30. And Tim was in a hurry to cook them. I was doing other stuff with food, so when the kebobs started coming in, I just set them out and told people to dig in. We started eating at 6ish, and we were done by 6:45. Not a good sign.

-As I was clearing the table, I found out why: the second tray of shish kebobs was basically uncooked. And no one had said anything! I had only had one from the first tray, so I had no idea!

-We had a quick dessert, and then people started leaving about 7-7:30. It was obviously a total bomb! And to top it off, we had spent days cleaning the house for nothing! We sat in the family room and the dining room, and we didn't go anywhere else, inside or outside!

-On Monday, Kim said, "thanks for the nice BBQ". I just laughed and told her how I thought it bombed. She laughed too and said she didn't think it was that bad! We both agreed that the dynamic was a little weird. Kim's husband and Tim got along great, but I don't think Valerie's husband really clicked. Next time, maybe we'll just have Kim and her husband. It couldn't be much worse!

-We had a good sense of humor about things though. I totally underestimated how having to watch a baby while cooking/cleaning made things take so much longer. I guess we'll know for next time.

So, that in a nutshell was last week. This past weekend we just tried to be calm. We went for a walk in the national park on Saturday with Sophia--of course, they were running a marathon on the path we were walking, so that made things a little tougher! But the jogging stroller worked out fantastically for the gravel path.

Saturday night my parents came up and watched Sophie. Tim and I had no idea what to do! We took another little walk, walked around Bed Bath & Beyond and Target, got my pictures developed at CVS, and just killed time. By the time we were hungry at 9, most restaurants we were interested in were closing. Figures! But we went to the Winking Lizard, had some good food (I always get the chicken parmesan sandwich. They do it on garlic bread. Unhealthy, but delicious!), and then headed home about 10.

Sunday I got up early (thank you, Sophie), and while Tim and Sophie took a nap, I went to 9 o'clock mass, hit CVS, talked to my mom, read my paper, clipped my coupons, and made lunch. I got more done before noon than I do some entire weekends!

Sunday afternoon we picked up a bunch of art on clearance at Bed Bath & Beyond that we saw the night before. I took pictures, so I'll try to get that up tomorrow. Then Sunday night we had a nice picnic at his parent's house. All in all, it was a really laid-back, low stress weekend. Just what we needed.

And I found out that Dr. B is going to be gone for 10 days. So we've decided to take an official day off and go up to the camp this weekend. We'll go Saturday-Sunday-Monday. Tim's dad is shooting Saturday (trap shooting, his retirement hobby/job). So both of his parents may come up Sunday, or his mom may come up with us Friday night. Yet to be determined. I don't know what we'll do with Sophie--we don't have a backpack carrier that has a high enough weight limit--but we may just stick to basic trails and carry her. I'm not worried. We always manage to have a good time.

Lots of other (positive!) stuff to talk about, and lots of pictures. But that may have to wait until tomorrow or Wednesday. For now, back to experiments!

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