Friday, September 26, 2008

Money maker

Ok, I have all sorts of other things to talk about later, but I just scored a big deal at Walgreen's, and I had to share: (terminology: MQ manufacturer's coupon, IVC: instant value coupon, found in the Walgreen's monthly easy saver catalogs in the store, ESR: easy saver rebate--you put in the rebate online at

Here's my double dip I did this morning (double dips happen once a month when the easy saver catalogs overlap; now it's the sept/oct catalogs overlapping today and tomorrow only):

Scotch bubble mailers x3: 4:50
-3.50 Wags circular coupon (not a double dip, but I needed some)

Garnier fructis family size x3: 20.97
-9.00 Wags October IVC x3
-2.00 MQ family size
-1.00 MQ any garnier
-1.00 MQ any garnier

Rimmel foundation: 7.49
-1.00 MQ Rimmel

Loreal face wash: 7.99
-1.00 MQ face wash

Pert plus x2: 6.98
-5.00 Wags Oct IVC x2
-2.00 MQ
-1.50 MQ

Bic reaction pencil: 4.99

Other coupons: -5/20 Wags coupon (today and tomorrow only, you can print it online from walgreen's website)
-5 register reward (i got this from my last purchase)

Tax: 3.44
Total out of pocket: 20.36

And then I get:
$10 Garnier easy saver rebate from September
$7.49 Rimmel ESR from October
$7.99 Loreal ESR from October
$3.49 Pert ESR from September (it says 4.29 online, but I think they adjust it down)
$4.99 rebate from the pert plus/school supplies rebate form from the paper (I can't believe I still had this!)

So I spent 20.36, and I am getting back $33.96 in rebates! I never do this well! Even with the $5 register reward I used, I made $8.60! And, if you had multiples of the garnier family size $2 coupon (I didn't), you could make another $2.
And, since I put my Walgreens rebates on a gift card, I get an extra 10% back, which is $2.90.

I love deals. I've got more free shampoo, makeup, toothpaste, mouthwash, lotion, body wash, and face wash--I've been passing it out to my family!

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  1. Bridge--you've inspired me--I now have a coupon obsession. I signed up for a CVS card online last night. I've been stuck in front of my computer for hours now--looking for good deals.

    I found a coupon for 25 free digital prints at Rite Aid. I'm going to print some favorite photos out and use them for some sort of crafty Christmas gift. I LOVE FREE stuff!!