Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Update to come later...

I have an update later (not a decision, just a "where am I now?" update). In the mean time, enjoy this t-shirt currently being sold by my graduate student organization (school name blocked out, even though most know what it is):
Front: class of ??

Back: You know if you are a graduate student if:
-You tell children you are in the 20th grade
-No one in your family has any idea what you do
-You "borrow" gloves and parafilm to use at home
-A green laser pointer is considered to be science bling
-You ask your family to "aliquot" leftovers
-You've used kimwipes as kleenex
-You're proud of your "flexible" 100-hour workweek
-You refer to your children as the F1
-Guilt has been accepted as an inherent feature of relaxation
-You are perpetually 6 months from graduating.

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